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Charlie Puth sings “Friends” theme song as tribute to Matthew Perry

Watch the video here as the crowd sing along with Charlie Puth during h

Charlie Puth sings "Friends" theme tune as tribute to Matthew Perry

Singer Charlie Puth sang an emotional tribute to Friends star Matthew Perry during his tour.

Matthew Perry Tribute

Funny on screen as Chandler Bing and off screen as Matthew Perry, the Friends actor died with a whole nation loving him. Although Perry had struggled throughout his life, he was supported by his co-stars and had millions of people behind him.

When the news of Matthew Perry’s passing was announced, everyone paid tribute to the actor including singer Charlie Puth. On his world tour in Melbourne, Charlie sang the “I’ll be there for you” theme song in remembrance of Matthew. He sang the song as an acoustic version of the original with just the piano and everyone else singing along. As Charlie Puth began singing the song, the whole of the Arena joined him – it was an emotional tribute and one that was beautiful to be part of as well as watch online.

Watch it here

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