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Coachella 2024: AP Dhillion Faces Backlash After *THIS*

AP Dhillon, the singer of “Brown Munde,” shared a post that appears to be an attempt to excuse his performance at Coachella


AP Did What?

Yesterday, a video of AP Dhillon destroying his guitar at the Coachella event went viral, and it has garnered a lot of criticism. After receiving criticism, the ‘Brown Munde’ singer has released another post in an apparent attempt to justify his Coachella performance. Dhillon turned to Instagram to share a series of photos of himself at Coachella. Along with the photos, he posted a video of Western singer Kurt Cobain shattering his guitars.

AP Dhillon posted, “The media is controlled, and I’m out of control.” The singer faced even more criticism for his actions after this post was published.

His Viewers Weren’t Happy

While commenting on his post, one user said, “You’re rationalizing terrible things, brother. Do you remember your culture’s treatment of musical instruments? That was the guitar you used for your performance, and it delivered the vibration you desired. After that, was destroying it the coolest thing? This is the action of an idiot. A true musician values his instruments more than music. Show some respect, accept it, and make an apology to yourself, not us. All we see is your graph going down. If music brought you fame, learn to respect it (sic).

Another one said that Dhillon is trying to gain sympathy by putting Sidhu Moosewala’s name, “putting JUSTICE FOR SIDHU slide at the very first in order to gain sympathy of us Punjabis, nice move bruh, hun jad Loki tere guitar todan aali gal nu criticise kar rahe ne fer tenu sidhu nu vartna peygya to gain sympathy.”

AP’s Concerts

The 23rd Coachella Music Festival took place in the Empire Polo Grounds in Indio, California, on the weekends of April 12-14 and will continue through April 19-21. Artists who have already performed include Lana Del Ray, ATEEZ, J Balvin, and Grimes. AP Dhillon’s songs include ‘Brown Munde,’ ‘Excuses,’ ‘Wo Noor,’ and ‘Ma Balle.’ His song ‘With You’, which included girlfriend and actor Banita Sandhu, quickly went viral.

Last year, AP Dhillon visited India to promote his docuseries ‘AP Dhillon: First Of A Kind’. Jay Ahmed directed the docuseries, which was released on Prime Video on August 18. The project centered on how Amritpal Singh Dhillon, well known as AP Dhillon, immigrated to Canada and quickly established himself as a leading singer, despite the obstacles he encountered. Dhillon stated that the docu-series serves as a road map for aspiring artists, allowing them to learn from the greatest and avoid repeating his mistakes.


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