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Rolling Stone Is Facing Heat After Excluding Celine Dion From “200 Greatest Singers” List

Celine Dion was not included in Rolling Stone magazine’s “200 Greatest Singers” list and fans are outraged.

rolling stone celine dion

At the dawn of the new year, Rolling Stone Magazine decided to compile and publish a list of 200 greatest singers, a follow-up to “100 Greatest Singers” written in 2008, so it was time for an updated list. This list, however, excluded Celine Dion. While the list had huge names like Taylor Swift at 102th, Beyonce at 8th, and Aretha Franklin at 1st, it still excluded Celine Dion and this provoked many fans.

Rolling Stone’s List

There was a wide variety of people on the list. Rosalia at 200, Jungkook from BTS at 191, The Weeknd at 110, Usher at 97th, and Dolly Parton at 27. But 5-time Grammy-winner and 20-time Juno Award-winner Celine Dion didn’t make the cut. There were a few more names as suggested by social media that also should have made the list, like Cher, Nat King Cole, Madonna, Jennifer Hudson, Janet Jackson, Dionne Warwick, and more. People also took issue with the fact that lead vocalists were picked from their respective bands and their other bandmates were excluded.

Rolling Stone, in an effort to save face, responded with “Before you start scrolling (and commenting) keep in mind that this is the Greatest Singers list, not the Greatest Voices List.” They added, “Talent is impressive; genius is transcendent.” This comment, however, may have sparked more outrage than before. Even Diet Prada an influential fashion and culture watchdog account from Instagram commented that this wasn’t the first time Dion was excluded from the mainstream and with or without that acknowledgment she is still an iconic and celebrated singer. There were many reactions from people having their favorites left out or pushed behind the list, here are a few of these reactions.

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