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David Beckham meets major Influencers at Meta India 2023

David Beckham meets top Influencers at Meta India 2023

David Beckham, the global ambassador for Meta, embarked on a transformative visit to the company’s India headquarters in Mumbai. This marked the initiation of a thrilling new chapter for Meta in the country, brimming with inspiring encounters, meaningful conversations, and, of course, a hefty dose of fun.

Meta India employees welcomed Beckham with open arms, radiating infectious enthusiasm. The football icon delved into the heart of Meta’s operations, exploring firsthand the vibrant energy and collaborative spirit driving the company’s endeavors in India.

David Beckham meets top Influencers at Meta India 2023

David Beckham gets candid with Sara Ali Khan

One highlight of Beckham’s visit was a candid fireside chat with Bollywood royalty, Sara Ali Khan. Together they explored the potent impact of social media for positive change, drawing inspiration from Beckham’s journey as a global icon and philanthropist. In a moment of banter, the two also discuss Victoria Beckham’s “Working Class” comment that made the buzz around the internet.

Sharing stories and inspiring generations

Beyond the glamour, David Beckham passionately connected with young Indian athletes, urging them to pursue their dreams with determination and resilience. His words resonated as a source of inspiration for these budding sports enthusiasts

Witnessing Meta’s initiatives in action, Beckham visited a school transformed by the company’s efforts to enhance connectivity and access to education. here, Meta provides free internet access and digital literacy training, empowering students to explore a world of knowledge and opportunities online.

David Beckham meets major Influencers at Meta India 2023

Interactions with social media royalty

Beckham’s charisma radiated during interactions with Indian fans, where he signed autographs, posed for selfies, and spread joy and positivity. Engaging with some of India’s top influencers such as Sejal Kumar, Larrissa D’sa, Vishnu Kaushal, Govind Kaushal, Kareem Barry, and Rahul Subramanian. Beckham discussed the responsible use of social media, emphasizing the importance of spreading positive messages and connecting meaningfully with audiences.

David Beckham meets top Influencers at Meta India 2023

With Beckham’s infectious energy and unwavering dedication to social causes, Meta’s India journey has begun with a bang, setting the stage for an exciting future filled with innovation, impact, and inspiration.

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