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Meta under legal fire over the name “Threads”

A legal showdown looms as Threads Software Limited challenges Meta’s use of the “Threads” name in the UK

Meta under legal fire in the UK over the name "Threads"

In a David-versus-Goliath scenario, the owners of Threads Software Limited are gearing up for a legal battle against the tech giant, Meta, formerly known as Facebook. The bone of contention? The use of the name “Threads” for software services in the UK.

What is Threads?

Threads Software Limited, a British software company, has issued a press release that serves as the opening salvo in this potential legal tussle. They’ve given Meta a 30-day ultimatum to cease using the name “Threads” within the UK, and have threatened legal action in the form of a court injunction if they do not comply.

Meta under legal fire in the UK over the name "Threads"

The heart of the matter lies in intellectual property rights. Threads Software Limited claims that “Threads,” an intelligent message hub, was conceived and trademarked in 2012 by JPY Ltd. This service has been promoted worldwide since 2014 and has seen significant success, with nearly 1,000 organizations worldwide licensing it, and sales growing at an impressive rate of 200% per year.

Meta’s first introduction of Threads

While Meta did introduce an app called “Threads” in 2019, it was designed as a Snapchat competitor. Interestingly, no objections were raised at that time. However, this time around, they are prepared to defend their brand name.

The legal action, if it proceeds, could potentially result in Meta having to compensate Threads Software Limited to retain the use of the “Threads” name for their app. Meta, on its part, has made several offers to purchase the domain from Threads Software Limited, all of which were declined.

Meta under legal fire in the UK over the name "Threads"

It seems that Threads Software Limited is resolute in its position and may be looking to increase the compensation amount in this potential battle of legal attrition.

In such cases, where a smaller entity challenges a tech behemoth, the outcome is often predictable, with the larger corporation ultimately prevailing. However, Threads Software Limited’s determination to protect their intellectual property rights could introduce an element of uncertainty into the equation.

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