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David Beckham to Design Hugo Boss Menswear Collection 2024

Check out how David Beckham steps into the world of fashion design

From Football to a Designer

Hugo Boss made major news on Thursday when it announced a design collaboration with one of fashion’s most beloved (and enduring) personalities, David Beckham.

The multi-year contract with the former Manchester United star player is for its Boss brand, and it means Beckham and his wife Victoria have shifted careers to enter the world of fashion design.


So, what will be launched under the agreement? David Beckham, who has already been signed on as a Boss campaign star for AW24, will design and curate formal and casual menswear collections, with the first fruits of the collaboration debuting in SS25.

The Inspiration Behind The Designs

We are assured that “this collaboration will evolve the Boss Menswear collections over many years to come.” In terms of scope, the cooperation is the first of its sort for Boss Menswear, and will create creative and captivating designs that represent David’s style and aesthetic ideals and Boss, appealing to a wide global audience”.

Beckham himself stated: “Over the last few years, I’ve wanted to devote more time to design and fashion, but I wanted to work with a brand and team that could deliver something truly global and impactful.” I’ve really loved working with Boss so far, and I’ve been impressed by the team’s ambition, inventiveness, and drive for greatness. I’m excited to share what we’ve been working on so far, including the Fall/Winter 2024 campaign, which marks the first step in our long-term cooperation.”

Why David Beckham?

Hugo Boss made a wise decision, as Beckham is a well-known menswear influencer who wears both tailored and casual designs.

Hugo Boss CEO Daniel Grieder calls him a “true global icon in both sports and fashion.” With his unique business drive and genuine enthusiasm for fashion, he perfectly reflects the ideals of our Boss brand.”

The entrepreneurial element is also important. Since retiring from football, Beckham has used his celebrity to start a variety of successful enterprises and sponsorship partnerships.

His company is also closely related to the wildly successful brand owner Authentic Brands Group. Just over two years ago, the American firm agreed to co-own and manage Beckham’s global brand, with Beckham becoming a shareholder in the organization. Authentic “connects strong brands with best-in-class partners to maximise long-term value in the marketplace,” and this activity is plainly seen here.

Meanwhile, Hugo Boss has just reinvented its two primary labels, Hugo and Boss, and the strategy appears to be working well. Celebrities have played an important role in advertisements as well as design collaborations. Naomi Campbell stated earlier this year that she would collaborate with Boss to produce a new travel-focused clothing collection.

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