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Gigi Hadid says Guest in Residence will launch sooner than we think!

Gigi Hadid

The fashion model and founder of knitwear brand Guest in Residence, Gigi Hadid, is the go-to person for anything fashion. From her runway looks to her everyday street fashion, she is a style icon and an inspiration. The mega influencer’s alliance with the fashion world is one that has withstood the test of time, and everyone’s excited to see what she has in store for us!

The model released a preview of what to expect with her brand earlier this month, and her followers have been eagerly waiting to see what the brand has to offer. The knitwear line is set to launch on September 7th with Gigi finally sharing pictures on her brand’s instagram page!

Gigi had earlier posted on her profile an invite to follow her new venture, “step into our office .. follow @guestinresidence ! we launch sooner than ya think ;)”, as she draws more attention to the brand that is set to launch. We get pictures of fabrics, fittings and mood boards hinting at what the line has planned. 

Gigi previously collaborated with Tommy Hilfiger on a clothing line that had everybody wanting more. The line saw a few seasons with many stars walking the runway in it. She has also recently partnered with Frankie’s Bikinis for a swimwear line! Staying true to her forte, Gigi is getting ready to launch a clothing brand of her own, and she has already added ‘founder’ and ‘art director’ to her Instagram bio!

Interestingly, the A-list model has chosen to work in the niche of knitwear. Gigi is here to set trends and not follow them. If you are looking to wear something interesting this winter, this collection might be the answer to all your prayers. 

Details on Gigi Hadid’s Guest in Residence?

gigi hadid

Unfortunately, we don’t have too many details on what the clothing line has planned, other than its knitwear and 100% Cashmere! With over 36.1K followers on Instagram, the Guest in Residence page has been steadily growing even before its launch. 

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