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Google Bard to advance to next level language model 2024

Google Bard advanced promises to elevate language models with advanced features and a subscription-based model

Google Bard aims to advance to the next level language model 2024

Development in Google Bard

Google is set to revolutionize its language model game with an upcoming upgrade to Bard called “Bard Advanced.” This advanced version is expected to be available through a paid subscription on Google One, marking a significant step forward in the realm of large language models (LLM).

Powered by Gemini Ultra

Developer Dylan Roussel, sharing insights on the upgrade, suggests that Google Bard Advanced will be powered by Gemini Ultra, the pinnacle of Google’s newly introduced large language model. This represents a notable enhancement over the current Bard version, which utilizes the midtier Gemini Pro. The screenshots shared by Roussel describe Bard Advanced as a “more capable large language model with advanced math and reasoning skills.”

Innovative features

Roussel’s exploration also unveiled intriguing features, including a codenamed Motoko that enables users to create custom bots. While the sharing aspect remains uncertain, it poses an exciting possibility. Another potential addition is the “power-up” feature, leveraging AI to enhance user prompts fed to Bard. The inclusion of a “Gallery” section hints at exploring different topics with Bard, opening up new dimensions of interaction.

Enhancing user experience

Among the revealed tweaks, a “tasks” tab may allow users to track Google Bard’s progress on longer assignments like image generation. Furthermore, a custom background addition to shared Bard prompts adds a personal touch to the interactions.

Google Bard aims to advance to the next level language model 2024

Next for bard

Despite these exciting developments, the release timeline for these features remains unknown. Google’s ongoing efforts to upgrade Bard, including real-time responses and enhanced capabilities, highlight its commitment to staying competitive in the dynamic landscape of language models alongside ChatGPT and Microsoft Copilot. As the future of language models unfolds, Bard Advanced could be the next frontier in conversational AI.

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