Grace Kroells goes viral on TikTok after recreating scenes from The Parent Trap due to her uncanny likeness to Lindsay Lohan.
How To Make TikTok's Croissant Cereal Recipe
The mini-food trend has fully taken over!
TikTok has appointed a new CEO
Disney executive Kevin Mayer will now serve as TikTok CEO while he'll also serve as the COO of parent company Bytedance

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Facebook is buying Giphy
Facebook plans on integrating Giphy with Instagram and other apps in the future
Actor John Krasinski hosts viral quarantine prom on YouTube
Billie Eilish and The Jonas Brothers also took part in the virtual festivities...
Be Careful What You Post on Social Media in the UAE
The UAE Government cracks down on immoral posts and urges residents to stay vigilant online...
Snapchat Has Released New Filters
Can't find them? They can only be unlocked if you snap a particular image...
The UAE is Getting More Free Wifi!
You will be able to browse the internet for free at these seven new locations.
Stay Calm! White Friday Sales Are Here!
(and they start on Wednesday)
If You’re A Racist, Twitter Will Strip You Of Your Verification
Verification policy changed to shut down accounts promoting racism and hate speech
A Fake News Social Media Timeline of 2017
Separating the fiction...and the fiction.