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Google Turns Pink For Barbie 2023

Have you noticed pink sparkles on Google for Barbie? It’s your own search engine dream house!

Google turns pink for Barbie

If you can’t get enough of Barbie then type in ‘Barbie’ on Google and see your search engine magically turn pink… with sparkles!

Barbie Release Date

With the recent news of Barbie hitting cinema screens in the Middle East, everyone is gearing up to book their cinema tickets and get their first-hand reviews.

Although not for everyone, and according to reviews online, not for children, Barbie movie has caused controversy online. The particular themes in the movie can either be taken as just a movie, or interpreted as much more. However, with the popularity of the film at the moment, Google has changed its theme from white to pink with a hint of magic…

How to see Google Barbie

Click the party icon below to see your screen sparkle!

Google turns pink for Barbie

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