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Horoscope: What’s written in the stars for you this week? 9th-15th January 2023

With Friday the 13th approaching, see if luck is on your side for this week!

Horoscope Reading for 9th-15th January 2023

As 2023 is still loading, Mars retrograde will end within this week and we will start to gain our pace day by day! Once Mercury retro ends in two weeks, we can celebrate this specific time of year as it’s the warmest one for what we can expect ahead. Let’s see what is in store for you this week!

Aries, Rising Aries

We start the week with the full moon effect in Cancer, a week likely to experience family, home, and real estate developments. However, since Mercury is retrograde, There is also the possibility of misunderstandings and indecision within the family on these issues. If it is planned to buy technological devices for the house, let’s wait for the 20th of January if possible. Having Neptune support for the full moon will also provide ideal times for getting psychological support and dealing with creative work at home.

Taurus, Rising Taurus

The full moon in Cancer; activates your field of close friends. There will always be things to be done in your mind, but with the effect of Mercury retrograde, disagreements and calculation errors may occur. It may be challenging to maintain order in your work. It is challenging to decide on emotional or logical behavior under this influence that will tire the mind. Neptune support shows that we will find the help we seek throughout the week from our friends. They’re coming together, and their accepting attitude will quickly make us forget this chaos.

Gemini, Rising Gemini

Financial matters and a sense of worth will be the week’s encounter with the full moon in Cancer. How to get your money, what investments should be made, and how to solve retroactive loans, debts, financial framework, and rationality among these. Beware of shopping from untrusted places. Avoiding anything that makes you feel worthless or triggers your worries is helpful. You can walk about your career in the right direction and be perceived as a fixer by your superiors.

Cancer, Rising Cancer

With the full moon with Mercury retrograde in your horoscope, you will be able to seize new business units, agreements, and investments you want to make yourself. However, you may find it challenging to organize. Therefore, in this period, it may be better to be alone with the work and to listen to your actual needs. With the support from Neptune, it will be good to take a vacation, learn something new, engage in creative work, research, and communicate with your loved ones far away.

Leo, Rising Leo

The full moon in Cancer strengthens your desire to be alone, to turn within yourself, and to watch from behind. During this period, health-related difficulties may occur; you may have to deal with sensitivities in your hair, skin, and teeth. A good time to relax. Problems that arise in electronic devices used in the business environment and unexpected problems of the past can spoil the taste of this process. While the beautiful angle of the full moon from Neptune will help you relax financially, you can also spare time to nourish yourself and your psychology.

Virgo, Rising Virgo

The full moon in Cancer with Mercury retrograde, activating your social circles and friendships area. Ideal for spending good times with friends to reunite with what you miss. Be careful that problems might occur from misunderstandings. Plans can be canceled. If you are in a period of flirting, be careful not to mix messages. It is essential that you take your time with investments. In this Neptune-supported period, a new creative job discount may also knock on your door.

Libra, Rising Libra

The full moon in Cancer; has activated your career and responsibilities. The responsibilities and expectations you must fulfill towards family and what you want to do within yourself can be confusing as Mercury is also retrograde. Take your time to make decisions you don’t have to make suddenly. Misunderstandings in the family can cause stress during this period. With the support from Neptune, you can catch a harmonious order with your creativity.

Scorpio, Rising Scorpio

You are in a process when life is taken up with deep questioning, but Mercury retrograde makes it challenging to find answers quickly. Issues related to exams may be confusing for you. Getting the outputs in these areas is complex, and the delays increase stress. You may not find the support of your expectation in the close circle and family approach. With the help of Neptune, you can see that emotional expression from creative work will relieve your worries.

Sagittarius, Rising Sagittarius

The full moon in Cancer expects you to pay more attention to your health. Analyzes and doctor checks can occupy your agenda. You can do interest and credit research on financial issues. Mercury retrograde reminds you to take care of your personal belongings. There may be increases in domestic expenditures. While the help from Neptune increases the importance of the support from the family in the house, the touches that improve the place you live will be good.

Capricorn, Rising Capricorn

The full moon in Cancer, formed in new business partnerships, will bring more options for you to consider, but Mercury retrograde will confuse you. It is not very possible to read the processes correctly and make health analyzes. Inevitably, contact crises may occur. Support from Neptune points to the beautiful places in your immediate environment. It’s a great time to brainstorm creative business plans. You can also start to read again what you enjoyed most before and plan short holiday getaways.

Aquarius, Rising Aquarius

As the full moon in Cancer activates your routines, use it to act carefully about information management in tempo. Your flexibility with the consequences of the plans is essential. Backing up your data may be the right decision, as the full moon is under the influence of Mercury retrograde. You are going through a week where you need to pay attention to your health, not neglect your nutrition, and sleep under an exhausting tempo. Try to be careful not to listen to gossip. Neptune’s beautiful support indicates that you will spend your income this period on jewelry, cosmetics, and art for pleasure.

Pisces, Rising Pisces

The full moon in Cancer can cause you to feel confused about the thought of love. Investments and spending time with children may also be on your agenda, but the mercury retro effect; makes me think it would make it easier always to have a plan B. You can meet people you haven’t seen for a long time. With good support from Neptune, life will be accepted more comfortably, and you will be able to take action against what is going on with much more comfortable practical solutions.

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