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KSI Reacts to Lionel Messi’s New Hydration Drink That’s “Suspiciously Comparable To Prime”

Social media fans with keen eyes have seen similarities in the drink products that football sensation Lionel Messi and YouTubers KSI and Logan Paul have developed


MAS+ Hitting The Markets Soon

Lionel Messi, football star of Inter Miami is about to launch his line of hydration drinks, but some have already pointed out that the idea behind them is ‘similar’ to that of KSI and Logan Paul’s PRIME drink.

The Mas+ website describes the drink as having natural flavors, no artificial sweeteners or colors, and a blend of electrolytes, vitamins, and antioxidants. Furthermore, the recently launched brand asserts that each 16.9-ounce bottle of its drinks, which come in flavors like “Miami Punch”—a reference to the World Cup winner’s current team—contains 10 calories.

Copying Prime?

However, some people were not blind to the parallels with the well-known PRIME drink; discussions ensued on social media, even garnering comments from KSI himself. Since its 2022 founding, PRIME has distributed its items to countries all over the world as a result of its viral trend.


KSI’s Responds

“Leo Messi has launched his own hydration drink called Mas+,” the announcement of his new product said in a post. Influencer KSI became interested in one of the flavors, “Orange d’Or,” and promptly addressed any perceived resemblances to his PRIME drink, saying, “Looks familiar.”

Not content to stop there, the YouTuber seemed to add his voice to the ongoing argument over whether Messi is the greatest football player of all time. A photo of Cristiano Ronaldo was uploaded online by the celebrity, who implied that the two players are rivals in a mysterious way. The caption read, “Speed was right, he is the GOAT.”

What Does The Internet Have To Say About This?

“Lionel Messi’s new hydration drink is very similar to KSI and Logan’s PRIME,” said a different tweet on Twitter /X. A commenter to that post said, “I really don’t think there’s a case here.” Really, the only element on a solid colored bottle that they have in common is the vertical black wording. However, that is insufficient to build brand awareness. I believe Messi is safe with this one. Text orientation or black text on color cannot be protected by copyright.”

“Sounds intriguing, might have to give it a try,” exclaimed one fan of Messi’s new beverage. Another, more pessimistic about the product’s commercial success, declared that “Messi’s right foot is bigger than both KSI and Logan Paul combined.”

The Story Behind Mas+

The Miami captain expressed his preferences before the release in a statement regarding the brand’s strategy on the Mas+ website, writing: “I wanted a drink that had the ingredients I need and amazing flavor.” Never skimp on high-quality ingredients. I then started working on my own drink.

“To achieve my goals, I learned that hydration plays a very important role, he continued, as he spoke about the drink’s nutritional value. “I have always had in mind to improve. I’ve always been about improvement, and wanted to find a drink with both amazing taste and the right ingredients.”

Messi added: “But many drinks that are good for you taste bad. Many flavoured drinks have high levels of unhealthy ingredients, so people who drink them consume more sugar, calories, artificial ingredients, and even caffeine than they realize. You shouldn’t have to choose between better ingredients and better taste.”

What do you guys think? Are you Team Prime or Time Mas+

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