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Pink outdoor escapes that will fulfill your Barbie fantasy

No need for rose tinted glasses with these pretty pink places

Discover rose-tinted destinations and explore pink outdoor escapes around the world that will make you feel like a Barbie in her doll’s house. If you like everything in shades of pink, then we have an incredible line-up of wanderlust locations for you to add to your travel journal.

Whether it be creating sandcastles on a salmon-coloured beach in Indonesia, or twirling around (in slow motion), under the blush pink sakura blossom trees in Japan, there is a picture-perfect place for everyone.

Indonesia, Komodo Island: Pink Beach

One of the most magnificent sights you will see in Indonesia is the pink beach located in the Komodo National Park. Brush your toes in the warm rosy sand and find pink or red shells wandering by the crystal turquoise shores. Coloured by microscopic coral insects known as Foraminifera, you’ll find them hidden with their pink or red shells, wandering the beach. The beach is easy to get to from the town of Labuan Bajo in Flores, which is known for having its own airport, variety of hotels, and a selection of restaurants to feast in while hopping from beach to town, town to beach.

India, Jaipur: The Pink City

Often known as “The Pink City”, Jaipur’s bazaars, temples, and palaces are painted in brush strokes of pink. The story unfolds in 1896 when Queen Victoria was planning her visit to India. Maharaja Ram Singh requested for all buildings to be painted pink as it was a symbol of hospitality and to welcome the British Monarch. Every step you take in Jaipur unravels a little piece of history as the city is brushed with rich culture and remarkable architecture.

Portugal, Lisbon: Rua Nova Do Carvalho

As the capital of Portugal, Lisbon is a city with nightlife, bars, restaurants, culture, art, theatre, shops, and more. Tourists flock to Lisbon with the aim of being spontaneous as they journey through bustling streets and alleyways to discover more than what they asked for. Bringing a hint of vibrancy and colour, mixed with artistic energy, Rua Nova Do Carvalho was born with personality. Known as “Pink Street” in Portugal, the location which was once known as having a scandalous reputation, is now filled with cozy cafes and busy bars.

Scotland: Craigievar Castle

If Barbie was Scottish and she had her own doll’s house, then Craigievar Castle would be her perfect fairytale home to live in. Covered with pink icing, the tower is one of Scotlands hidden gems that is said to be the prototype for Walt Disney’s fairytale castles. The Forbes family resided in the castle for hundreds of years until the property was sold to the National Trust in 1963. Vistors can wonder through the untouched grounds which were painted for Queen Victoria’s arrival.

Australia: Lake Hillier

We have found the perfect location for Barbie’s pool party – Lake Hillier located on Middle Island in Western Australia. Although small, the lake is a sublime sight to behold, with water the colour of strawberry bubblegum. The pink water is usually a sign of bacteria, however, Lake Hillier is a safe place for you to soak into. The lake is filled with high salt content and therefore you’re likely to float ontop of the water naturally – similarly like the Dead Sea.

Japan: Takinoue Park

As the seasons begin to change and we enter into May, Takinoue Park in Japan is a beautiful place to be. Known as one of Japan’s top 500 most beautiful wlaking spots, the park is matted with pink/purple moss phlox flowers. Breathe in the lucious scent as you drift through the flowers and take memorable pictures to add colour into your home. It is said that during peak seasons, resident’s flock to Moss Phlox Festival selling food and souviners whilst enjoying live entertainment.

Japan: Blossom Trees

Would there be a list of Pink Outdoor Places to go without including the blossom trees in Japan? When we think of blossom trees, our minds are transported to Japan where the cherry blossoms, also known as sakura are planted on the mountain sides of Yoshino. As well as temples and lakes that dotted everywhere, there is a sense of serenity when placed in the middle of it all.

Florida: The Don CeSar

Extravagance, drama, and dolls house is what comes to mind when standing infront of The Don CeSar hotel. During the Golden Age of music and theatre, the building was an attraction that enticed the elite to enjoy some jazz, and company of others. Thomas J Rowe, the real estator who purchased the land and property reffered to his hotel’s colour as “rouge”, remembering his young years as a child and influenced by the colours of cottages in Ireland.

Cuba, Havana: La Habana Vieja

Old Havana; declared as a World Heritage Site by USESCO in 1982, is one of the fifteen manicipalities that form Havana, Cuba. Although not completely pink, La Habana Vieja is a mix of pastel colours that create the perfect background for a Instagram picture… or two. Why not rent a top down cadillac and ride through the streets, playing Camilia Cabello’s song Havana and observe the museums, galleries, and architecture that Cuba has to offer.

Mexico: Las Coloradas

The pink lagoon in Mexico is a ombre of pink, white and blue hues. Walk along the sandy pathway by the stunning pink Las Colorades lake hidden away in the corner of Yucatan Peninsula. The unique sight is best to visit during the morning and throughout the day before sunset when the water turns a shade of orange.

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