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Selena Gomez becomes a meme after latest photo

Fans are using Selena Gomez’s most recent picture to express their most relaxing moments

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez shares new photo

If you follow social media trends, you’ve likely seen Gomez’s latest story on Instagram, in which the actress-singer is wrapped in a blanket, staring into the distance with a look in her eyes that can only be described as tranquil.

Fans and Twitter users have started to compare Gomez in the picture to the ending of TV shows, such as Big Little Lies:

Others have taken a more personal spin, tweeting things such as:

If there’s one thing that X users know how to do well, it is how to make a meme out of a seemingly ordinary picture.

Selena Gomez is just one of many people who are having a good summer break. After the most recent season of her series Only Murders in the Building was met with great acclaim from critics and audiences alike, and her song Calm Down is still topping the charts, it seems she is well deserving of a moment of tranquility.

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