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Selena Gomez Reveals the High-Protein Breakfast She Eats Everyday

Find out what Selena Gomez chooses to have for breakfast!

Benny Blanco on Cooking

We’ve been watching Selena Gomez, the actor-turned-foodie, learn more culinary skills from famous chefs across Los Angeles on her new Food Network program, Selena + Restaurant. We therefore adore the fact that Benny Blanco, Gomez’s boyfriend and Grammy-nominated song producer, enjoys food.

Actually, Blanco cooks at home and just published a cookbook called OPEN WIDE: A Cookbook for Friends. Blanco revealed on a recent appearance of The Howard Stern Show that he even regularly prepares Gomez’s breakfast.

“I try to make her her favorite breakfast every day,” Blanco says to Howard Stern, the host. “Every day, without fail.”

Although Gomez’s favorite breakfast may surprise you, it’s incredibly tasty and high in protein. Here are some of Blanco’s adaptations of the Only Murders in the Building star’s go-to breakfast dish.

Selena’s Everyday Breakfast Details

He clarifies, “She wants the same thing every day.” “She likes some variation of chorizo and eggs with rice and beans, chorizo and eggs in a quesadilla, or chorizo and eggs in a tortilla.” This is her favorite combination.

Making chorizo and eggs is really simple—just scramble or fry some eggs with some diced chorizo—and it makes a really filling breakfast. such Gomez, we also think it tastes great with a toasted tortilla, such in our Green Eggs & Chorizo Tacos, which have sliced avocado for extra good fats and a zesty, fresh punch from the lemon and shallot.

Beyond only being high in protein, eggs also offer a number of wonderful health benefits. They are loaded with choline, which is excellent for your nervous system, muscles, memory, and other functions. Additionally, the carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin found in eggs are good for the health of your eyes.

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