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Shocking 2023: Selena Gomez is dating?

Selena Gomez has broken her silence on her love life …. shocking!


After years of posting TikToks announcing her single relationship status, the former Disney star is in a relationship?

Selena’s Past


The artist Justin Bieber and Gomez had a turbulent relationship in the past. They briefly dated in 2010 and 2013, and when they resumed their relationship in 2017, news of it broke. Now, Justin is wed to Hailey Bieber, a model. Years ago, She also spent a few months dating The Weeknd.


Boyfriiiend Reveal

Record producer and composer Blenny Blanco. He has collaborated with some of the greatest stars in music today, such as Ed Sheeran, Katy Perry, and Rihanna. Among the songs he has written are Diamonds by Rihanna, Grrrls by Lizzo, and Nobody Gets Me by SZA. He has also previously contributed to Selena’s music.

He and Gomez worked together on J Balvin’s 2018 song, I Can’t Get Enough. In October 2023, Benny also went to Selena’s First Rare Impact Fund Benefit to Support Youth Mental Health. In addition, Benny is going to release a cookbook soon. In 2022, he shared details on his first cookbook, Open Wide, on Instagram.

The Viral Picture


Selena Gomez responded to a post on Instagram on December 3 that included a picture of her and Benny by writing, “Selena Gomez seemingly confirms that she is in a relationship.” In the comments section, she added, “Facts.”

The singer then uploaded a selfie of herself and Benny to Instagram Stories shortly after, but with only a portion of Benny’s face showing. Apart from Selena’s selfie and comments on Instagram, there’s no proof of her connection with Benny’s current state.

Selena responded to another Instagram user’s comment with, “I don’t understand,” further defending her relationship with Benny. if you truly are concerned about me. I am happiest right now. Feel free to say anything you want if you don’t. However, I refuse to let your advice dictate how I live. At all. I’m through. Please have no place in my life at all if you are unable to accept me at my happiest.

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