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Sidemen: Digital creator Vik ties the knot in Malta 2023

Take a look at the wedding images here! From the proposal to the wedding

Vik sidemen wedding

Sidemen star Vik, also known as Vikkstagram on Instagram, tied the knot to his fiance in the beautiful country of Malta.

Dubai Proposal

Internet star Vikram Singh Barn who is part of the popular social media group the Sidemen proposed to his girlfriend in Dubai in December 2021. With the backdrop of the Burj Al Arab in the back, the proposal was perfectly executed on the beach with candles and petals in the shape of a heart.

Maltese Wedding

Fast forward to two years, and the couple tied the knot in Malta where they had a fusion of an English and Indian wedding. Paying tribute to both their cultures, Vik’s wife wore an off-the-shoulder wedding dress with a long veil, and Vik wore a beige suit. For their Indian wedding, the bride wore the traditional red colour with Vik also wearing traditional clothing.

Vik shared intimate and private pictures of the couple without revealing or showing too much. He wrote in the caption Mr & Mrs, without a date or explaining too much into the details of the wedding. The post attracted over 900k likes and over 5k comments.

The Sidemen

The Sidemen are a young group of seven British men who entertain their audience on their YouTube channel which has 19.4 million followers. From pranks to challenges and charity fundraising, the videos are hilarious to watch and engaging from start to finish. In their most recent video, uploaded two days ago, the Sidemen hunt for $100,000 in mystery boxes. Who will find the money? Watch it here:

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