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Taylor Swift partners with Google for song reveal

Taylor Swift’s upcoming new songs are being teased on Google

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Google announced on Tuesday that it is teaming up with Taylor Swift to reveal new song titles from Taylor’s upcoming album.

Taylor Swift announces ‘1989 (Taylor’s Version)’

Swift has re-recorded and will re-release her fifth studio album ‘1989’ on October 27, 2023. The upcoming album was announced on stage during her Eras Tour Los Angeles show on 9th August.

Swift took to social media soon after the show to announce the release, stating “This is my most FAVORITE re-record I’ve ever done”. Initially released in 2014, ‘1989’ includes hits such as “22″, “Shake It Off,” “Bad Blood” and “Blank Space.”

The re-release of ‘1989’ makes this the fourth ‘Taylor’s Version’ album after her public controversy with Scooter Braun. Each album has included songs ‘from the vault’ as an extra perk for fans who stream and purchase the albums.

Previously revealed vault tracks for albums ‘Fearless (Taylor’s Version)’ and ‘Red (Taylor’s Version)’ were done by scrambled letters in released videos. For ‘1989 (Taylor’s Version)’, Taylor has teamed up with Google to use its search function to help fans solve 89 puzzles to eventually reveal the names of those new songs.

In their announcement, Google stated, “There are 89 puzzles to get through (a la “1989 (Taylor’s Version)”)”. However, Swifties around the world have to collectively solve 33 million puzzles to win the prize: vault track titles.

How to play

While glitches were happening in the beginning, the game seems to be working smoothly now. So here’s how you can take part before all 33 million puzzles are solved:

Step 1: Search for “Taylor Swift” in the search bar on Google. A blue vault will appear on the bottom right side of your desktop or mobile screen.

Step 2: Click on the vault, and your first puzzle will pop up. Unscramble the puzzle by typing the answer in the same Google search bar.

If you unscramble it correctly, the same blue hue will appear on the next Google result page with a message from the vault showing your process. You can click the option for “new puzzle”, and you keep going until you solve all 89. If you are having trouble unscrambling the puzzle, and want to try another, just click on the vault again and select the option “new puzzle”.

There are hints for all puzzles at the bottom of the screen, but unless you’re a hard-core Swiftie, or at least know a majority of her songs, it might be difficult to crack the code. As of writing this article, 30 million puzzles have already been solved.

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