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The OG Squid Game is back for season 2

No, this is not a drill. Squid game is back and coming very soon!


Back and Better than ever!

Missing a red or green light? Say nothing more. Netflix will not delay the highly anticipated second season of South Korean classic Squid Game for another year.

Season 2 was announced in a letter to shareholders, and Netflix confirmed that it will air later this year. Hwang Dong Hyuk’s survival drama became an immediate smash in 2021. The streamer’s record viewership not only resulted in a Season 2 renewal, but also inspired a reality series on Netflix called Squid Game: The Challenge. Here’s all you need to know about Squid Game season two.

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Squid Game 2 in 2024

After more than two years of speculation, the OTT platform has confirmed that the show will premiere later this month. According to Variety, Netflix noted in an update, “Looking ahead, despite last year’s strikes delaying the release of some titles, we have a big, bold slate for 2024.” Audiences will be able to see popular returning dramas such as The Diplomat S2, Bridgerton S3, Squid Game S2, and Empress.


The Release Date

While the exact date of the program is unknown, it has been revealed that the survival-themed K-drama will be released before the end of the year. Some think so, given the first season’s release in September. It’s possible that the developers are aiming for a similar release window to reproduce the magic.


When was Squid Game 2 renewed?

At Netflix’s fourth-quarter earnings call in 2022, the program was given the green light to be renewed. The first season of the streaming platform’s reality game spin-off, The Challenge, followed suit, with a premise and format similar to the fictional version. The tournament was a huge success, and Mai Whelan was the winner.

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