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TikTok Users Are Furious Over Haley Baylee’s ‘Let Them Eat Cake’ Video—Leading To Apology

Haley might’ve just ruined her career over this …

Baylee’s One Video Ended Her Career – “unlocking a new rage”

Model and influencer Haley Baylee Kalil has apologized after receiving backlash for posting a video of herself shortly after the Met Gala lip-syncing to the infamous alleged Marie Antoinette quote “let them eat cake,” which prompted users to block her and other celebrities in an attempt to reduce the amount of money they earn on social platforms—despite the fact that she claims she did not attend the gala.

@noahglenncarter People are upset with tik toker Haleyy Baylee for saying “let them eat cake” #haleyybaylee #foryou #metgala ♬ forgot your name – c152

Another user shared a video with almost four million views, claiming Kalil’s video had “unlocked the rage of millions of people.”

It is popularly assumed that Antoinette, the highly loathed queen of France, stated “let them eat cake” during the French Revolution to denigrate the starving poor, while the quotation has been questioned by certain historians, and she was later executed for crimes against the state.

Haley Baylee’s Apology

Kalil clarified in a TikTok video on Thursday that she was not invited to the Met Gala and was instead a pre-Met Gala host for E! News, interviewing celebs and making material outside of a designated hotel.

Kalil also revealed that her outfit was made for free by a designer friend with whom she had previously collaborated.

She went on to apologize for using the audio from the 2006 “Marie Antoinette” film, saying she didn’t chose it to emphasize elitism because she “wasn’t elite enough to even be invited to the Met Gala,” and was “uneducated” on what was going on in Gaza.

However, her video received hundreds of comments and videos criticizing her apology, with some viewers saying they’re “watching from district 12,” a reference to the dystopian film “The Hunger Games,” in which the elite watched underprivileged youngsters battle to their deaths in a televised spectacle.


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