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Tana Mongeau cancelled After Co-Hosting The Steamy Awards

Tana Mongeau is under fire for her behavior at yesterday night’s Steamy Awards.


All About The Steamy Awards

The Steamy Awards, hosted by the H3 Podcast, are a satirical awards ceremony honoring the buzziest internet drama of the year, with honors ranging from “Worst Apology” to “Worst Influencer Scam.” The name comes from the YouTube Streamys, an awards ceremony that has been honoring YouTube creators since 2008.

The Frenemies podcast’s Ethan Klein and Trisha Paytas hosted the first Steamy Awards in 2021. Ethan continues with the Steamies on the H3 Podcast channel even though Frenemies no longer exists. Ethan has hosted with his wife, Hila Klein, Def Noodles, Tana Mongeau, and Jeff Wittek over the years.

Tana Co-Hosting intoxicated?

The majority of viewers appreciated the show, with many expressing their admiration for the H3 crew. Tana’s statements and entire behavior as a co-host, however, upset many.

When Mongeaustepped onto the stage, live viewers swarmed the conversation, declaring that the 25-year-old influencer was “wasted” and too drunk to host the show.


Many viewers thought Mongeau made the broadcast “unwatchable,” saying that her incessant commentary about Ethan and Hila was “uncomfortable” for both the audience and the hosts. According to these viewers, she was “disrespectful” to the entire H3 team by arriving up inebriated and denigrating their hard work.

“I’m watching the H3 Steamies, and I’m so sorry for the crew.” “T Mongeau really ruined the show they planned all year jesus christ,” commented one X user.

“OK, she is great, but can we ban her from the #steamies because she ruined that sh—t, dude?” “It was so off the rails and not in a good way,” said another.

@latestclipss Tana brings up Trisha and frenemies at the H3 award show 😬 #tanamongeau #h3podcast #trishapaytas #foryou #fyp ♬ original sound – Latest Clips 🤍

How did Tana take it?


Mongeau responded to the outrage by commenting on X, “I’m in trouble, idk how to do this I love everyone xo”

She later replied to a remark that said, “girl I love you so much but please stop you’re ruining the show” with, “ok i’ll stfu.” Tana then informed her fans that she was indeed sober.

“NO I’M SOBER IM MAD PPL THINK IM DRUNK THIS IS STREAMYS ALL OVER AGAIN,” she says, referring to the charges of inebriation at the Streamy Awards earlier this year.

Was she sober? Was she not? No one knows for sure but one thing we do know is The Steamies 2023 will be going down in viral history.

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