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Tips for making mental health universal to all this 2023

Everyday is mental health day – how are you caring for your mind and body?

Tips for making mental health universal to all this 2023

The theme this year for World Mental Health Day on Tuesday 10th October, is “Making mental health universal to all.” Following the theme of making mental health universal to all, we ask you to consider the various environments you are in day to day in your life.

Some of the different settings may include your home, work, with friends, and even when undertaking a sporting activity such as going to the gym.

Let us consider some of these in more detail.

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How to create a comfortable environment that is our physical and emotional space. Ensure that your desk area is organised yet welcoming, perhaps adding small plants or photos of loved ones or your pet! We spend most of the day with our colleagues, so it is important to nurture these relationships. Consider who you get on best with and the reasons for that. Now think about who you struggle to get on with and what it is about their characteristics that you can learn to manage. Remember it is important to express your feelings and needs constructively to respect your boundaries, yet having empathy and understanding towards another person’s perspective too.


How to create a relaxed space at home, by having subtle, pastel shade colours around the home, using lightning such as lamps for a cosier effect. Consider marking your time with a ritual to make you feel like you are home, such as having a shower, changing into more comfortable clothes, making a cup of tea, or preparing a homemade dinner. Try your best to avoid working, unless you are working from home or absolutely need to complete something so that your home life is more balanced and not taken over with work demands and pressures.

Social Life

Do you tend to do things for others and not have time for things you want to do? As individuals, we spend most of our time pleasing other peoples’ needs and often neglecting our own. Perhaps we need some good quality rest and an early night to sleep, or a catchup with friends is just what we need to break the mundane weekday life! Going out does not need to be expensive, as there are many activities like going out for a walk (past 5 p.m. when it’s a little cooler), or meeting in the local park for a catchup! Remember, friends can help us grow and develop in many ways be it spiritually, physically, or emotionally. Having a good support system is essential for good mental health. 

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