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Top 10 creative DIY Influencers to follow

Follow these DIY Influencers for inspiration on home decor and other fun activities

diy influencer

DIY Influencers

Do you want a fun project to do over the weekend, or re-design your kitchen, but have no idea where to start? These ‘Do It Yourself’ or DIY Influencers will inspire you creatively and help you easily do any task you want to conquer, from interior design and home decor to just silly little clay projects.

Marco Zamora (@want.zamora)

Marco is an interior design and home decor enthusiast who posts detailed DIY renter-friendly tutorials on how to add color and sophistication to your home at a budget. His Instagram Reels have gone viral many times, which explains his 740 thousand followers.

Yasmin (@thisartperson)

Yasmin is a young artist on Instagram with over 580 thousand followers. She makes DIY paintings and home decor ideas that you can easily recreate with just paper, color pencils, and some tools you can find at home. She even makes intricate gifts you can give to friends.

Abby Kulp (@abby_roadhome)

Abby is a mom of 5 who loves DIY and working on new projects for her home all the time. Her Instagram, which has hit 1 million followers, is full of creative bedroom makeover ideas and do it yourself projects that you can recreate easily in your own home.

Amanda Eve (

After starting a viral DIY trend over the summer, Amanda has gotten over 160 thousand followers on Instagram. She made a pancake tic tac toe board with polymer clay that gained over 23 million views, inspiring others to also play around with clay and make tic tac toe boards. While her account is less DIY and more about sharing images, you can still be inspired.

Anne ‘Lilly’ Skjoldahl (@thefurnituredr)

For more home improvement DIY, you should follow Lilly. This DIY Influencer with over 180 thousand followers on Instagram helps flip existing home furniture to make it look brand new and add spice to a boring space. She even gives tips and tricks to make it easier for anyone trying DIY for the first time.

LC (@allthepeachesplease)

LC shares DIY projects that are easy for anyone to make. Her simple projects will help elevate your home and inspire you to get creative with your space. She also went viral over the summer because of her glass blocks side table, which is the reason behind her 170 thousand followers.

Shayna Alnwick (@theflippedpiece)

Another DIY Influencer who loves to flip furniture and give her followers some amazing beginner friendly DIY project ideas is Shayna. With over 500 thousand followers on Instagram, she creates easy videos so that her followers can do them too.

Julie Stuart (@cleverpoppy)

Julie helps beginners learn how to embroider and have fun with DIY projects. Embroidery is a great way to add pops of color and sophistication to your house, and can be quite easy. Either way, this DIY Influencer makes it easy for her 100 thousand followers.

Deborah Trette (@myfourwonders)

For more fun home decor ideas, you should turn your attention to Deborah. With over 160 thousand followers on Instagram, Deborah is a DIY Influencer who loves spooky but cute decoration ideas. Follow her for more inspiration for Halloween decorations!

Anna Louisa (@anna_louisa_at_home)

Anna Louisa has over 3 million followers on Instagram, all thanks to her thoughtful and easy home decor and improvement hacks. This DIY Influencer helps all homeowner with cleaning hacks and decor ideas to uplift your home.

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