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The truth about Google’s Incognito mode revealed 2024

Google has settled a $5 billion lawsuit over allegations that it improperly tracked users in incognito mode, exposing its practices of data collection and privacy concerns

The truth about Google's Incognito mode revealed 2024

Google has recently settled a consumer privacy lawsuit, which had been seeking damages of at least $5 billion. The lawsuit alleged that the company had tracked users who believed they were browsing the internet privately using the “incognito” mode on its Chrome browser.

Tracking scandal

Despite the assurances of privacy in incognito mode, emails presented during the trial exposed that the tech company continued to follow users, using the gathered data for targeted advertising. The class-action lawsuit was initially filed in 2020, highlighting the company’s misleading claims about not tracking user data while incognito mode was activated.

The judge overseeing the case confirmed a preliminary agreement for settlement, just weeks after Google’s request to have the case decided by a judge was denied. A California jury trial, scheduled for next year, was put on hold as the settlement process began.

Allegations and Google’s response

The court papers in the lawsuit accused the company of becoming an “unaccountable trove of information” with extensive details about users. Google’s defense had attempted to dismiss the case, arguing that users had not consented to having their information collected during private browsing.

Settlement Terms

Although the terms of the settlement have not been disclosed, the lawsuit aimed to acquire damages of at least $5,000 per user for privacy law violations, totaling an estimated $5 billion. A formal settlement is expected to undergo court approval by February 24, 2024.

This settlement adds to Google’s recent legal challenges, including a monopoly verdict in the Google Play Store case. As the tech giant navigates various legal battles, the outcome of these cases will undoubtedly impact its practices and policies in the evolving landscape of consumer privacy and digital rights.

The truth about Google's Incognito mode revealed 2024

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