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‘Wicked’ Trailer Revealed At The Super Bowl

For the first time, the stars discuss their roles as Glinda and Elphaba, the most unlikely of friends. The preview for Wicked, which aired during the Super Bowl, looks promising


“You’re Green”

Fans watching the 2024 Super Bowl on Sunday (February 11) were treated to a shocking surprise during one of the early commercial breaks. After more than a year of filming, Ariana Grande and Cynthia Erivo’s first trailer for the live action rendition of Wicked debuted between shows in the first quarter.

Grande’s portrayal of Glinda the Good Witch in the trailer contrasts with Erivo’s Elphaba. The sneak peek shows the two characters’ first meeting, with the “Positions” singer gasping as she sees the Harriet star and exclaims, “You’re green!”


Starring Ariana Grande & Cynthia Erivo

The minute-long trailer also featured snippets of Erivo singing “Defying Gravity,” as well as appearances by Bridgerton’s Jonathan Bailey, who plays Fiyero; Jeff Goldblum, who plays the Wizard of Oz; and Michelle Yeoh, who plays Madame Morrible.

Director Jon M. Chu’s live-action adaption of the Broadway musical Wicked, which was based on Gregory Maguire’s blockbuster novel of the same name, was filmed in the United Kingdom last year and stars Ethan Slater and Bowen Yang. The project will be released in two parts: the first, a feature-length film, will premiere on Thanksgiving, and the second is set for 2025.

In January, the “Yes, And?” singer shared on Instagram Stories that she was “permanently and preferably intertwined” with Erivo, Chu, and the rest of the film’s ensemble. “i will never forget even a minute of my year(s) with [Glinda],” she went on to say. “There aren’t words yet. but. Thank you, Jon, for showing the way with such compassion, openness, intellect, and kindness.

Wicked Trailer Revealed!

Watch the latest Wicked trailer here:

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