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Will AR wearables become mainstream in 2024?

Consumers will soon be able to get their hands on AR glasses

AR wearables to become mainstream in 2024

AR wearables landscape

As we venture into 2024, the question looms: Is this the year Augmented Reality wearables will finally break into the mainstream? Recent developments suggest we might be on the cusp, with major players like Meta, Snapchat, and Apple making strides in developing the next generation of Augmented Reality. This shift not only promises a revolutionary user experience but also opens up a plethora of marketing and promotional opportunities in the digital realm.

Meta, Snapchat, and Apple

Among the wearable projects in the pipeline, Meta and Snapchat, along with the impending release of Apple’s Vision Pro, stand out. While Meta’s CTO, Andrew Bosworth, expresses confidence in the advanced state of their glass prototype, the main hurdle remains the high production cost hindering mass adoption. Apple faces a similar challenge, with the Vision Pro priced at $3,499, limiting its accessibility to a niche market.

AR wearables to become mainstream in 2024

Metaverse vision

Despite the current challenges, Meta envisions a shift towards the broader metaverse era, integrating AR, VR, and AI. While the full realization of the metaverse might be a prospect, this development serves as a precursor, bringing elements like integrated 3D objects and immersive digital experiences to the forefront. This transition will inevitably pave the way for novel marketing and promotional opportunities, such as ads triggered by real-world interactions.

Snapchat’s future

AR wearables to become mainstream in 2024

Snapchat emerged as a key player in effective AR development, showcasing a range of patents related to Augmented reality integration. While Snap has functional glasses in collaboration with external partners, potential production costs could pose challenges. Strategic partnerships, possibly with industry giants like Apple or Microsoft, might be the route for Snap to establish a significant impact in the augmented reality space.

Future investment

AR glasses are already shaping new experiences, and the next phase revolves around reducing costs and making them consumer-friendly. As businesses plan their advertising strategies for 2024, understanding AR and AI becomes imperative. Platforms like Snap, Apple, and Meta offer courses on AR development, providing an opportunity for businesses to familiarize themselves with these transformative technologies.

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