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X divide over Joe Jonas & Sophie Turner divorce rumors

Read more to find out why Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner are headed for divorce

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Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner headed for divorce?

The news that Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner are reportedly headed for divorce has sent shockwaves through the entertainment world.

TMZ reports that Joe has gone back and forth between wearing his wedding ring and taking it off. Paparazzi has him pictured in NYC a week ago going for a coffee run without the ring on. However, in his most recent post on Instagram posted just yesterday, and at the latest Jonas Brothers concert, Joe proudly sports his wedding ring.

However, confirmed sources are stating his marriage to Sophie Turner is more than on the rocks – it’s drowning. The couple have been separated for over 6 months. Joe has also had his people contact and consult with two separate Los Angeles area divorce lawyers, meaning he is considering filing for divorce to end his marriage to Sophie.

From their 4 years of marriage together, the couple have two daughters. According to TMZ, over the past 3 months, Joe has been caring for their children “pretty much all of the time,” while his band is on tour. It’s stated that Joe currently has both kids, as the group plays their U.S. dates and is scheduled to perform through the winter.

Sophie is currently in the U.K., where she has been glimpsed on set for her latest project, the ITV drama ‘Joan’. Sophie stars as Joan Hannington, a real-life criminal mastermind known as “the Godmother” by certain aspects of the British criminal underworld. ‘Joan’ is Sophie’s first main role since her ‘Game of Thrones’ days, after doing very little TV and movies in recent years.

The couple has always remained very private about their relationship, so there is not a lot of public information about what is going on behind closed doors. From their secret marriage ceremony to the birth of their first daughter, Willa, most major milestones were not revealed to the public until after the fact.

X users react

Users on X, previously Twitter, have been following the news of Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner’s separation closely. With updates from TMZ and accounts such as ‘Pop Base’, fans have taken to the app to side with either the ‘Game of Thrones’ star or the Jonas brother.

Here’s what some of the people supporting Sophie Turner have to say:

Meanwhile, others have chosen to side with Joe Jonas or remain patient for further news:

Only time will tell whether the Jonas-Turner divorce rumors are true. However, the reaction on X suggests that the news has come as a shock to many fans and that the trending topic will continue to generate a lot of discussion.

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