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Yeezy Season 9 to have a surprise debut at Paris Fashion Week

Read all about the latest news and what to expect for the 2-year re-emergence of Yeezy at Paris Fashion Week


Shortly after Ye’s surprise guest appearance on the Runway for Balenciaga’s SS23 collection, rumours have been circling around that the artist is planning a surprising event of its own to release his highly anticipated season 9 for Yeezy after more than a 2-year absence.

What we know so far of Yeezy SZN 9

News of the show has since been confirmed, with YEEZY SEASON 9 set to make its debut at Paris Fashion Week on Monday, October 3. Guests are said to be making their way to Paris’ 8th arrondissement, with the venue operating on a limited capacity of just 50 attendees. According to Business of Fashion, Ye’s been working alongside the likes of Hood by Air’s Shayne Oliver, amongst others, to make the last-minute dream a reality.

Despite the seemingly random addition to PFW’s showcase, it’s not the first time that Ye’s brought his YEEZY brand to the city.  The artist’s Season 8 collection was also shown in Paris, complete with a surprise performance from North.

In classic Ye fashion, the artist posted on his Instagram a collage of some of the world’s most famous women celebrities, mentioning their names alongside images of when the stars were teens with a caption SZN9. Fans online have been dubbing the new season as ‘The GOAT Collection’.

Like always having that mysterious factor in everything he produces, Ye intentionally wants to create rumours and frantic social frenzies of in-depth analysis and hypothetical theories of the meaning behind the message. We cannot help but wonder if this is Ye’s way of announcing the stars to hit his runway or if the collection is based around them? Some even declaring the season as a tribute to his ex-lists.

After multiple social outbreaks and public online fueds regarding the star’s frantic bullying and call-outs to the likes of his ex-wife Kim Kardashion, Kris Jenner, Pete Davidson and copyright infrigement of Yeezy by Adidas, the show will definitely have the audiences on a hook to understand the Jeen-Yuhs behind SZN 9 and how the brand is positioning itself for the next few seasons to come.

Rumours and social disputes surrounding Ye in the media will be a contributing factor in the hype of the show as current-rumoured girlfriend and super model, Candice Swanepoel will be there alongside ex-wife Kim Kardashian.

Waiting in anticipation for the release of what’s to showcase, we hope that the Yeezy SZN 9 will have a sense of clarity behind the hidden messages and rumours surrounding Ye.

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