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Instagram FINALLY allows *this* 2023

Instagram new update: ability to now download Instagram reels.

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After years of only seeing TikTok logos on different video clips, Instagram has now allowed the ability to download reels after ruling out this option back in June 2023.


How to:

To access this new update, after a user finds the reel they would like to download, all they need to do is click on “Share” and there, you will see the newest addition to the platform, the “Download” option if the account’s user has enabled downloads.

If a private account wants to allow downloads, the account first need to access their profile, click on settings and enable downloads on their reel. However, if the account is public, their reels will automatically be allowed to be downloaded by other users. Although, they can always turn that option off if they don’t want to, similarly to TikTok. This can be done via the same way.


Since the new update, there’s been both advantages and disadvantages noticed. For example, a lot of users have since been reposting online Instagram content onto different social media platforms without crediting the original user. This is done with the intention of gaining more interaction easily. Although, on the bright side, the platform’s creators are also seeming to me a lot more motivated to produce original Instagram content since their reels can now have more exposure.

Instagram’s Reasoning

Instagram chief, Adam Mosseri announced the ability to officially download reels on November 22, 2023. This was done for the sole purpose of boosting exposure for existing or potential new reel creators.

Instagram wanted users to have the option to save the top reel clips and introduce new ways to share them.

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