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How to track Instagram reel views and viewers

Instagram has got a few things up its sleeve. Keep reading to find out…

Instagram: Track views and viewers

National Meme Day just passed and Instagram has brought party to your fingertips. The app unveils an iPad app upgrade with extra meme-making mojo for your reels. But that’s not all — get ready for a meme-vasion with new photo filters, the first one in ages!

Let’s talk filters first

A decade ago Instagram was all about iPhone pics and filters to hide the not-so-fab camera quality. Fast forward to now, and the Insta evolution is real. The OG filters are getting a reboot — 25 fresh ones, to be exact. You could say it’s a whole new app. From subtle tweaks to bold styles, your photos are about to get a serious glow-up.

Something in store for the memers

Instagram: Track views and viewers

Instagram is rolling out new tools for reels. Get ready to scale, crop, and rotate like a pro. And if you change your mind mid-edit, no sweat —undo and redo features are on the way. Finding meme-making tools just got easier, too. We’re talking about the Voiceover tools.

But that’s not all! Dive into meme nirvana with 10 new English text-to-speech voices, six fresh text fonts, and the power to create stickers from your pictures and videos with some serious AI magic. Customer stickers anyone?

Instagram insights updates

Instagram: Track views and viewers

For the analytics, Instagram is giving you the scoop on insight improvements. Understand the performance of your reels with a new metric called replays. Also, track who’s watching your reels on a moment-by-moment basis with an ‘Interactive Retention Chart’.

Instagram has always got something up its sleeve and we can’t wait to try out these new features!

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