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Instagram is turning into a crazy podcast 2023

 Not sure if this new instagram launch will be a useful addition or just another quickly disappearing stream.


The “Close Friends Only” podcast, which Insta debuted today, promises to offer “the latest on culture – from memes and icks, to fashion and friendship – all from your favorite celebrities.”

Instagram’s First Premiere Episode

They’ve also taken off quickly; on the premiere episode, Ice Spice and Doja Cat had a talk.

The two celebrities talk about their favorite memes, animals, celebrity crushes, flirtatious moments on the app, crazy direct messages, and more.

It is sure to garner a lot of attention and contribute to young people looking to imitate their stars focusing more on the platform. However, there might not be a ton of useful guidance or tips there.

Influencer Drama

Most viewers will be tuning in to learn the inside scoop on the newest trends directly from those spearheading cultural revolutions.

However, as mentioned, it will be interesting to watch how the app handles the follow-up to this initial episode and whether they continue to release regular podcast episodes including other celebrities.

In any case, it’s an intriguing marketing tool for the platform, particularly since it targets musicians at a time when TikTok is becoming an even more important music promotion network.

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