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Instagram launces another measure to help protect teen users 2024

Instagram launches new ‘Night Time Nudges’ to get teenagers to shut it off for the night


Building on its most recent set of adolescent safety features, Instagram has now unveiled new “night time nudges” that will remind users to turn off their phones while they are using them late at night.


Instagram Says

“Sleep is important, particularly for young people, so we’re launching new nighttime nudges that will show up when teens have spent more than 10 minutes on Instagram in places like Reels or Direct Messages late at night. They’ll remind teens that it’s late, and encourage them to close the app.”

As shown in the above example, the messaging is rather straightforward, akin to a parent knocking on your bedroom door and instructing you to turn off your computer for the night.

Parents can now breathe

This is something that every parent of a teen has had to do at some point. Mobile addiction is real, and no matter how hard you try, your child will eventually sneak their phone into their room to continue messaging that one friend.

As such, this could be beneficial, though I suspect that most children will simply ignore it and move on.

So it’s not a replacement for the old “I’ll take that thing from you if you can’t control yourself,” but it’s another component of Instagram’s bigger adolescent safety and regulation campaign.

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