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Instagram Sells 44 Million Blue Checks In One Day

This is how Instagram made $660 million in just 24 hours!

Instagram Sells 44 Million Blue Checks In One Day

It’s been reported that Instagram sold 44 million blue verification checks in one day at $15 a month, making them a whopping $660 million in just 24 hours!

Before the initiative was carried out across the social media platform, there was, and still is, a verification process in order to obtain a blue tick on your profile. There a certain criteria you have to meet in order to organically get the tick next to your name. Some of the requirements include ID documents, articles, media to show you are in the public eye, and more.

There is no minimum or maximum number of followers you must have to get a blue tick, you can still apply. Just make sure you gather enough information to present to the board. The Instagram blue checks now removes the application process and is a straight and simple sign-up and payment.

Instagram Blue Checks

Early last month, Meta announced the launch of a new service called “Meta Verified,” where users would be able to pay a monthly fee to have a blue check mark next to their username, which serves as a form of verification. Users would be able to get the Facebook and Instagram verifications for $11.99 on the web and $14.99 for IOS users.

The rollout was announced on Instagram stories accompanied by a waiting list. This caused users to rush toward Meta to get a blue check mark next to their username, as it has become the ultimate status symbol in recent years. For the longest time, the blue check was reserved for politicians, celebrities, journalists, and major brands. The Everyday person can now also get a blue checkmark for the price of $14.99 after providing government identification to authenticate their accounts, Meta said.

When getting your blue check, you must ensure your profile is public and that you have a bio, photo, as well as be active on Instagram before applying.

Meta Verified Subscribers

Verified subscribers will also get other perks such as increased security checks and the ability to talk to a real person about account issues. These perks could be another reason that Instagram was able to sell 44 million verifications in one day as many users complain about Meta’s customer service when it comes to helping with account issues.

The verification service is available for users 18 years and above, and will not be available for businesses, the company said. Meta also announced that there will be no changes done to accounts that were already verified based on the previous requirements.

Meta’s decision to sell the blue verification checks comes at a time when many social media companies are looking to diversify their revenue streams due to the economic uncertainties they are facing. Similarly. Twitter announced that it is selling verification ticks and Snapchat is selling its unique AR technology

Following the huge success that Meta achieved with the sale of 44 million blue checks in one day, we can expect the company to roll out more paid features in the coming months.

How much does it cost?

For content creators and influencers wanting to purchase a blue check on Instagram, Meta charges $14.99 per month if subscribing from an iPhone or Android. Individuals who subscribe through the web will be charged a lower fee of $11.99 per month since this method avoids store fees. Before purchasing, it is important to understand that users will need to pay separately for their Facebook verification as it’s not included with Instagram.

If a user would like a blue check on both Instagram and Facebook, they will need to subscribe separately from each app, which gives a total purchase a number of $30 a month.

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