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Influencers Try Viral Fix Chocolatier Hero Bars 2024: Is it Worth the Hype?

Social media is going crazy over this Fix Hero chocolate bar! What’s all the hype about?

Iconic Fix Hero Bars

With so many different chocolate flavors today, we think we’ve seen it all. But then again, these iconic Fix Hero chocolate bars prove us wrong 🙂 For the past few months, these homegrown UAE bars have been the talk of the media. Stuffed with karak, knafeh, brownies, Lotus and so much more, the hero bars have become a social media sensation with influencers reviewing the various flavors and people racing to get their hands on them. The brand launched in 2022 with an aim to create a unique dessert experience and it is safe to say that their aim has been achieved – these bars are in fact unique (to say the least).

Take a look at their infamous White Chocolate Lotus Cheesecake fix.

Think that’s crazy? Check out this Chocolate-donut-Spanish latte stuffed chocolate bar! I’m struggling to say it, imagine getting a taste of it.

Influencer Reviews

Now let’s take a look at what our favorite influencers have to say about this new trend!


Food and travel content creator @hibaxkh took to her TikTok account to share her review of the Crunchy Knafeh and Pistachio chocolate bliss flavor.

@hibaxkh Trying Dubai’s VIRAL chocolate 🤯 @fixdessertchocolatier Costs 89 dhs with delivery only avaialble in 🇦🇪 Honest option: Unique flavor but too sweet for me and very expensive so definitely a one time purchase 👀 Would you try it out? #viral #foodtrend #viralchocolate #fixdessertchocolatier #uae #dubai #trending #desserttiktok #foodie #asmr #mukbang #foryou #fypシ ♬ original sound – Cloudninecouture | Food&Travel

Influncer Rakkan Khattar reviewed many of the chocolate’s flavors and went on to say it is “hands down the best chocolate in town.”

Entrepreneur and Instagram influencer Zeynab El-Helw shares her positive feedback on Instagram, explaining how proud she is of the UAE based brand.

TikTok content creator @zehrablogs also tried the chocolate bar, saying it is the most unique in the city.

@z.blogs Most unique chocolate bar in Dubai! 😮‍💨🍫😱 #fypシ #foryou #asmr #chocolate #viral #dubaifood #dubai #uae #dessert #tiktokarab #اكسبلورexplore #اكسبلور #الشعب_الصيني_ماله_حل😂😂 #desserttiktok ♬ La – DYSTINCT

Rula Qassir Lolas, TikTok content creator also reviews the bars.

@rulaqassirlolas #fixchocolate #trend #whattoeat ♬ original sound – Rula Qassir Lolas

Is it worth the hype – try for yourself and find out!

How to Order?

Order your stuffed Hero chocolate bar via the link, but make sure you hurry – it opens at 5 PM everyday.

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