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Inside the World of Unique – and Bizarre – Baby Names Influencers Are Giving Their Children

Are names like ‘Inside’ ‘Onyx’ and ‘Atlas’ becoming the new normal, or is it just a social media phenomenon?

With an influx of influencers sharing their children’s unique-sounding names on social media, it seems like baby names have become weirder than ever. Meredith Clark asks baby name consultants if names like ‘Onyx’ and ‘Atlas’ are the new norm, or if our TikTok feeds are simply lying to us.

A New Trend in Baby Naming

On platforms like TikTok and Instagram, influencers share curated glimpses of their family lives, often revealing unusual baby names. Inside, Lyrics. Afternoon. Orca. Alchemy. These aren’t names of hippy cafés or brands, but the real names influencers are giving their children, sparking widespread reactions online.


Last week, “Too Hot To Handle” star Francesca Farago shared potential baby names with her fans. The names were far from traditional, featuring nouns and adjectives like Lovely and Baby, and even months and days like November and Monday. Farago is not alone; other influencers also choose distinct names for their children, setting a trend on social media.

Nara Smith, known for her “trad wife” content, named her children Rumble Honey Smith, Slim Easy Smith, and Whimsy Lou, stirring the internet. This phenomenon isn’t entirely new; celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Elon Musk, and Grimes have previously chosen unconventional names for their kids.


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The Reason Behind Unique Names

Baby name consultants suggest that influencers may not expect their children to pursue traditional careers. Instead, they aim to establish a unique online brand for their kids. Jessie, a baby name consultant with over 100,000 TikTok followers, believes these names are meant to stand out on social media.

Historically, Americans named their children after family members. This changed in the 1960s as individuality became more important. While it may seem like unique names are now the norm, mainstream baby names in the US have remained consistent for nearly a decade.

Inside the Impact of Social Media

Social media amplifies the perception of unique names being popular. Influencer baby names create a niche subsect of content on platforms like TikTok. Accounts dedicated to baby name inspiration and predictions have gained significant followings, turning the trend into a form of entertainment.

Emily Kim, who predicts baby names for influencers, has turned her passion into a successful business. Her predictions are often based on an influencer’s social media aesthetic, leading to surprising accuracy at times.

The filter bubble on social media makes unique names seem more common than they are. Influencers, exposed to a broad social sphere, feel the pressure to choose names that haven’t been used by their peers. This creates an inside cycle where unique names become the trend, even though influencers strive to be different.

The Influence of Trend Cycles

Baby name consultants emphasize that trends are inevitable. While parents may aim to avoid trendy names, like “Inside or Afternoon,” the effort to be different often results in creating new trends. Consultants advise parents to choose names that resonate personally rather than focusing on social media popularity.

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Conclusion: Naming a Human Being “Onxy” or “Inside”

Ultimately, the cardinal rule of baby naming remains: remember that your child is a person. Consultants urge parents to step away from social media noise and select names that truly resonate with their child, ensuring the name fits the individual who will carry it throughout their life.

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