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Nara Smith’s New Video Has The Internet Shocked

Check out what Nara Smith just made out of SCRATCH!

Nara Smith’s done it again. Smith took to Tiktok on May 1 in her normal laid-back style, as she began preparing yet another homemade concoction in the kitchen. But when she disclosed what she was producing, it sounded like a record scratch. “My sister’s in town to visit and she’s been craving bubblegum so bad,” she explained. “But she ran out, so I just decided to make it for her.”

Yes, you read that correctly: bubblegum. Nara Smith created bubblegum from scratch.


Smith has gone viral on several times for her simple yet complicated homemade meals. Her videos usually start by her saying something along the lines of, “today my husband was craving this, but we ran out of it, so i’m just gonna make it myself.” These recipes range from homemade yogurt and granola for breakfast, to buffalo wings and homemade ranch for dinner. But never in a million years would anyone think Smith would go as far as to make bubblegum.

In the TikTok, Smith blends gum base, which she most likely already had in the house, with corn syrup, powdered sugar, and two types of flavoring to make homemade gumballs.

The Internet Had a lot To Say

Naturally, the internet had much to say about Smith’s new recipe. Many others took to X, now known as Twitter, to comment on Smith’s ability to create almost anything.

Other followers stated that Smith is clearly trolling, and that her bubblegum recipe mocks the comments she makes in the videos. NGL, if Smith is trolling, she’ll become even more iconic than she already is.

Here’s How To Make the Homemade Gum According to Nara Smith

If you’re a Nara Smith fan who enjoys cooking from scratch (or simply wants to troll your followers), you’re undoubtedly wondering how to manufacture your own bubblegum at home. According to Smith’s video, it appears to be relatively simple.

To begin, combine melted gum base with corn syrup and flavoring of your choice. Smith selected green apple flavors, vanilla, and cinnamon. Then, pour the mixture into a pile of powdered sugar and knead it like dough. Once you have your dough, you may shape it into any form you want and wrap it in wax paper to keep it fresh. Bonus points if you serve your gum on a nice, visually appealing dish like Smith—because if you’re going to go through all that trouble to make bubblegum, you might as well really go for it.

Watch Now:

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