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Inside Hailey and Justin Bieber’s Preparation for Their Baby

Are They Having Twins?

Shortly after Justin and Hailey Bieber revealed that they are expecting their first child, insiders spoke with Entertainment Tonight, People, and Us Weekly about how the pair is preparing for their baby and why they kept the pregnancy a secret for nearly six months.

Justin’s mother, Pattie Mallette, also dismissed rumors that the pair is expecting twins.

Mallette posted on Hailey’s father Stephen Baldwin’s Instagram about the pregnancy, writing, “Congratulations, Grandpa! We are going to have the cutest grandbabies ever!”

After the plural “grand-babies” led some to believe Hailey was having twins, Mallette clarified in a second comment, “No not twins lol I wish. I just mean in general. Hopefully they will have more than one eventually. They will make beautiful babies whenever they have them. One is enough for now 😂”

About The Pregnancy

Hailey’s rep confirmed that Hailey is “a little over six months pregnant.”

A source informed that “Hailey and Justin are overjoyed to be expecting a child together.” They have wanted this for a long time and are excited to extend their family and welcome a kid into the world. Hailey and Justin are united and have been on the same page regarding children. They have shared so much as a pair and are ready to take the next step in their life and relationship.

“Hailey is such a natural caretaker and Justin knows she will be the best mom, and Hailey has always thought that Justin will make an amazing dad. Hailey, Justin, their families and loved ones are so excited for this beautiful blessing.”

According to a source, the couple has already decided on a name, and Justin will be particularly involved. “Everyone is excited for them,” the person stated. “They will be excellent parents, and Justin will be quite involved. This will be the next significant project for him. He’s quite excited to raise his child. They have a name they believe is wonderful. They’re also starting to decorate the nursery. They can’t wait to meet the baby.

What Took Hailey So Long to Spill?

The source also detailed why they chose to keep the news quiet for so long. “They’ve both been really emotional about it. “They feel extremely fortunate,” the insider stated. “They’ve also been quite protective of the baby once they found out.


They began by informing their family and closest friends. It was critical for them to remain quiet and enjoy [it] for as long as possible before publicly confirming.”

A source said that this was a “fresh start” for the pair, who had just repeated their wedding vows after five years of marriage.

“[They] have gone through hard times recently,” according to a source, adding that “this feels like the light at the end of the tunnel.”

The insider continued, “It was everything they needed. Hailey is in a great mood. She’s been keeping a low profile and avoiding overcommitment at work. They chose to reaffirm their vows and begin a new chapter together. They wanted to renew and restore their faith in God together, and in their relationship. It was a new commitment and a fresh start for them as a family of three.”

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