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Kanye West on Celebrating Independence and Happiness

The Chicago rap icon Kanye West explains his current state of mind – finally becoming happy

Kanye’s Recovery

Kanye West, the enigmatic rapper and fashion designer, has had an eventful few years. From inflammatory remarks to legal issues, his life has been nothing short of a roller coaster. However, in a recent interview, he made an unexpected revelation:

“This is the happiest I’ve ever been in my life.”


In the conversation, the musician formerly known as Kanye West, now referred to as “Ye,” discussed his creative path and the inventive techniques he developed to thrive. Ye’s daring decision to go independent in both the fashion and music industries, with the relaunch of YZY and the release of VULTURES 1 (and the planned VULTURES 2 and 3), has resulted in a significant metamorphosis.

The concept of “systems” extends beyond Ye’s tale, demonstrating the capacity to forge one’s own path and find true fulfillment by remaining true to oneself and embracing independence.

Despite adversity, Kanye West finds comfort in self-reliance. He underlined that happiness stems from being surrounded by loved ones and pursuing independent goals. Here’s what he had to say:

Throughout the year, he has prioritized spending time with family and working independently. This sense of autonomy and creative freedom has had a huge impact on his general well-being.

“A bird that needs wind to fly”

His love for music remains unwavering even after more than two decades in the business. He finds inspiration in the winds, which both challenge and urge him onward.

Kanye wonderfully compares himself to a bird that needs wind to fly. He welcomes challenges (such as wind) as they are necessary for growth. His current single, “Carnival,” is at the top of global charts, driving his passion and innovation.

West’s court struggles have been well chronicled. Last month, he was accused of discriminating against Black employees at his Donda Academy.

A former security guard filed a complaint alleging that Kanye abused black employees. The charges included demands for specific hairstyles and clothing, as well as forbidden publications by Malcolm X and Martin Luther King. Trevor Phillips, another former employee, accused Kanye of discrimination, harassment, and fostering a toxic working environment. Despite these obstacles, his happiness stays unaffected.

West’s current mindset is defined by his resilience, creativity, and commitment to independence. As he cherishes his artistic freedom, he continues to influence the music industry and inspire people across the world. Whether flying against or with the wind, Kanye’s voyage is enthralling and full of surprises.

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