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7 Tattoo Artists in Dubai To Book For Great Holiday Inking

Here is a list of professional tattoo artists that are visiting Dubai this winter.

tattoo artists in dubai

Tattoos can be fun and simple or detailed and artistic. There are so many ways to go about tattoos as art. Tattooing, a once demonized art form, now no longer carries the negative connotation it once had. People from all walks of life are seen to invest in body art like tattoos. In some cultures still, body ink is seen as a sign of defiance and rebelliousness.

Many designs have cultural meanings and origins. There are tribal designs, mandala designs, American sailor designs, etc. Body ink has had multiple meanings spread throughout pop culture too. Many have Anime-inspired tattoos and some even ink their favorite celebrities’ faces on their body.

There are a plethora of subjects or designs to ink and as time passes tattooing is more and more accepted. Unless you’re some snob, you can easily see tattoos as art. Here is a specially curated list of tattoo artists that are visiting Dubai during this holiday season if you’d like a holiday inking. You can book a session with any of them from Dubai Hills Tattoo.








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