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Is Bella Hadid’s new brand, Orebella 2024, a tribute to the Middle East?

Bella Hadid is launching a new brand, Orebella, that is likely a venture into the perfume and beauty market


Introducing Orabella by Bella Hadid

The US-Dutch-Palestinian supermodel shared a teaser on Instagram on Thursday.

“Ôrəbella founded by Bella Hadid,” she captioned the post teasing the brand’s launch in May. “Reveal your alchemy on 5/2.”

The announcement was previewed in a mysterious Instagram post. Naturally, we (and the rest of the internet) are on a mission to decode exactly what Orebella (technically written Ôrəbella) is.

The 10-second video features a close-up of Hadid’s face mixed with snippets from the universe, concluding with the brand logo.

Gigi Hadid expressed her support for her younger sibling, writing: “YAAAAAYYYYY.” This was accompanied by the genie emoji.

Here’s What You Can Expect!

While details regarding the brand and its services remain unknown, WWD Magazine reported that Hadid’s trademark file, which dates back to 2022, suggests Orebella’s focus on smell products. These may include scents, incense, body lotions, oils, shampoo, conditioner, and candles.

Hadid and Jen Batchelor, who grew up in Saudi Arabia, co-founded Kin Euphorics in Brooklyn in 2021.

According to its website, the brand offers non-alcoholic tonics that “transform the world’s oldest social ritual, drinking, into a conscious act of better being.”

The term Kin Euphorics refers to the Greek word “euphoros,” which means a state of well-being.

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Many of Bella Hadid’s brand’s core components, including phenylethylamine and rhodiola rosea root extract, are said to improve cognitive function and energy levels. Kin beverages will soon be flavored with lavender produced on the Hadid family’s property in Pennsylvania.

Hadid has walked for some of the world’s greatest fashion companies, including Burberry, Off-White, Fendi, Versace, Givenchy, Max Mara, and Moschino.

She has had many covers in France, Italy, the United Kingdom, Japan, China, and other nations.

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