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The new viral 2024 cracking drink: All the details here

Did you see the cracking drink all over social media? Read here to find out the details

Crack & Drink

For days now, our social media feeds have been flooding with videos of this viral cracking drink. It has travelled through so many countries, Singapore, Thailand and the US to name a few, and is taking the internet by storm. Cracking drink is basically a chocolate covered cup, frozen to perfection and filled with your favorite drink. One crack away, the frozen chocolate breaks down and mixes with your drink, adding a delightful, textured sensation to your drink.

@kinnhommmmm ✨Chocolate Crack🍫 ด้วยของจาก 7-11‼️ ไถฟีดก็เจอแต่เมนูนี้ วันนี้เลยหาทำซะเลยให้มันจบๆกับเมนู Chocolate Crack🍫 ด้วยของจาก 7-11 ทำง่ายมากๆ แต่อาจจะใช้เวลานิดนึงถ้าอยากบีบแก้วแล้วให้น้องแคร๊กแบบมีเสียง 😂 แต่นานเท่าไหร่ก็รอได้เพราะอยากทำจริงๆ งั้นไปดูวิธีทำกันเล้ย 🛒วัตถุดิบ -ชาไทยชาเขียว -เฮอร์ชีส์ช็อกโกแลต 5-6 บาร์ -แก้วพลาสติก 7-11 🧑🏻‍🍳วิธีทำ -ละลายช็อกโกแลต รอให้ช็อกโกแลตหายร้อน แล้วนำช็อกโกแลตเทใส่แก้ว เอียงไปมาให้ช็อกโกแลตเคลือบทั้งแก้วด้านในแล้วแช่เย็นซัก 1-2 ชม. จากนั้นนำน้ำแข็งใส่ลงไปและตามด้วยน้ำที่เราชอบ แล้วบีบแก้วได้เลย น้องจะดังแคร๊ก คือบีบเพลินมาก 😂 #chocolatecrack #chocolate #เมนูง่ายๆ #ช็อกโกแลตแคร็ก ♬ Someone Someday – Speed Up. – PROXIE

Finally landing in Dubai, we can now get our hands on it. From matcha to lattes, you can crack any iced drink you want. But where to find it, how much does it cost and is it worth it?

Where to find it?

Kawfee’s coffee shop located in Muweilah, Sharjah is now serving the cracking drink. Try the White Choco Matcha or the Choco drink for 42 AED. With an aesthetically pleasing ambience, this coffee shop is one to keep on your must-try list this summer.

The viral drink is also available at Logout Cafe located at Dubai’s Al Safa neighborhood. The drink is crafted in a flavor named Crispy Chocolate and costs 35 AED.

Is it worth it?

Looks good, but does it taste as good as it looks? – is it worth the hype?

Well, according to influencers and food bloggers around the country, the drink is totally worth the hype! @tiddingofficial based in Dubai, have reviewed the drink saying it tastes “SO good” and can be enjoyed by both chocolate and non chocolate lovers.

According to Dubai-based Instagram influencer Kinza Sania, the drink at Logout Cafe is “chocolatey and delicious” and “definitely a must-try.” Head now and try it out for yourself!

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