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Where to Find the Viral Cookie Croissant in Dubai 2024

Can’t get enough of the viral TikTok cookie croissant? Here’s where to find one in Dubai.

La Farine Bakery

Located in the heart of Business Bay at the JW Marriott Marquis Dubai, La Farine Bakery is the perfect spot to grab a freshly prepared batch of cookies, croissants and some coffee. The bakery went viral for trying the TikTok cookie croissant which as the name suggests, is a croissant stuffed with cookie dough and baked to perfection.

Billionaire Cookies Online

Billionaire Cookies, known for crafting some of the best cookies in Dubai, have also made the trending “crookie” and are worth giving a try. Billionaire cookies can be ordered online and delivered right to your door. The viral cookie croissant in Dubai 🍪🥐#wheretoeat #dubai #cookiecroissant @Billionaire Cookies Dubai ♬ Oui,Oui,Oui,Oui – Sacha Distel

Flaky Pastry Dubai

The gourmet Croissanterie, Flaky Pastry has also crafted “The Viral Cookie” in collaboration with Bake My Day. Flaky Pastry has two branches in Dubai, one located in City Walk and the other in Dubai Creek Harbour. For only 32 AED, try the cookie croissant at Flaky Pastry by ordering online or paying a visit to either of their branches.

The neighborhood business, Cookie Culture DXB, also attempted the crookie trend on TikTok. Cookie stashes can be ordered through Instagram DM’s.

@cookieculturedxb Crookie for the win 🥐+🍪 #fyp #fypシ #crookie #viralcroissant #cookies #cookiedough #croissant #dubai #frozencookiedough #coffee #uae #cookieculturedxb ♬ kiss me – audios


For only 10.50 AED, Spinneys is now offering their own cookie croissant infusing both the traditional Spinney’s cookie and croissant to make a crookie. You can order now through the Spinneys’ online website or visit one of their branches.


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