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Did Dubai Bling’s Hasnain and Loujain break up? Rumors explained

Is there a new Dubai Bling break up?

The Couple That Got Engaged

Loujain “LJ” Adada joined the new Netflix reality show in its first season and quickly became a fan favorite.

The first season of Dubai Bling centered on her work and her unsuccessful dates with co-star Ebraheem Al Samadi. In Season 2, she pursued a significant on-screen affair with Pakistani model Hasnain Lehri.

Hasnain proposed to LJ during Season 2’s conclusion, but viewers were left wondering about LJ’s response and their relationship status after filming finished.

The couple generated a lot of excitement among Dubai Bling fans, who wanted to know if Loujain accepted the proposal.

In January 2024, Hasnain responded to a harsh comment on Loujain’s Instagram post by calling the reality star his ‘fiancee’. This directly confirmed that the couple was engaged at the time.

However, supporters’ jubilation was short-lived, as rumors of the two’s separation surfaced quickly.

Dubai Bling Fans Speculated LJ and Hasnain’s Breakup

Rumors of the couple’s breakup circulated on social media in March 2024, after followers on Reddit mentioned that the two had unfollowed each other on Instagram.

The admirers also noted that all of Loujain’s comments under Hasnain’s postings were absent, leading them to suspect that LJ had blacklisted her partner on the app.

Fans were pleased with the reports, despite the fact that no formal remarks about their split had been issued.

One person stated, “I mean, she didn’t seem really into him, and he didn’t appear very authentic in general. “They seemed like such a strange and forced couple anyway.”

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