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Huda Beauty to Launch New Liquid Blush June 7: Check Out The Reviews

Huda Beauty is releasing a new product VERY soon! Read all about it here

New Huda Beauty product alert!

Huda Beauty recently announced the launch of her newest product: a slightly glowy liquid blush. The long-awaited product comes in 5 shades: Cotton Candy, Peach Sorbet, Watermelon Pop, Black Cherry and Strawberry Cream. Each at 120AED.


Check out the Huda Beauty website here.

Why our vanity needs it

This new product is the ultimate liquid blush, according to Huda Beauty’s instagram page because it:
✨ MELTS into the skin 
✨ Blurs, blends, and builds in seconds 
✨ Contains finely-milled pearls for the most stunning glow 
✨ Doesn’t budge once dried down
✨ Available in 5 shades for all skin tones
✨ Can be worn solo or applied over makeup… even after powder (you read that right!)
✨ Smells ahhhmazing!

The blindfold challenge

The influencer attempted a challenge where she applies and blends the liquid blush blindfolded to prove how buildable and easy-to-apply the product is. By swatching all the available colors, Huda also shows us how stunning the product looks on skin.

Let’s look at reviews

TikTokers and Instagram influencers have also reviewed the product, with some claiming it is the “ultimate summer blush.” Others have attempted the challenge and succeeded at applying it smoothly even when blindfolded, testifying to how convenient the product really is.

@fatma.bah @Huda Beauty #hudabeauty #HudaMadeMeBlush #HudaBeautyBlushFilter ♬ original sound –
@z4kiaaa i love it!!!! #hudabeauty #makeup @Huda Beauty ♬ original sound – zakia

Beauty creator and makeup artist Nour Khalil took to her TikTok to share swatches of the new liquid blush, saying its “super blendable” and has a “soft glow finish.”

@nourrkhalill trying out the new @Huda Beauty blush filter liquid blushes🩷🤩 @Huda #liquidblush #liquidblushswatch #hudabeauty #hudabeautyliquidblush #hudabeautyblushfilter #hudabeautyblushes #creamyblushes #blendablemakeup #blendableblush #swatchingmakeup #howtoblush ♬ original sound – Nour Khalil

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About Huda Beauty

Huda Beauty, founded by makeup artist and beauty blogger Huda Kattan, has become a massive force in the beauty industry since its inception in 2013. Huda Kattan, an Iraqi-American entrepreneur, started her journey as a beauty blogger and makeup artist. Huda Beauty has rapidly risen to global prominence, establishing itself as a beloved brand for makeup enthusiasts and professionals alike.


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