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Why Boyfriend Blush Is the Easiest Spring Makeup Trend 2024

Here’s how you can achieve the Boyfriend Blush look!

The newest makeup trend recently hit the TikTok market, called “Boyfriend Blush.” Makeup artist Mallory Osses took to TikTok to explain “boyfriend blush,” and she claimed she didn’t coin the term out of thin air.

“It’s not a new term. I heard about it years ago—maybe a decade ago. “It’s all over high fashion, runway, and editorial looks,” said the social media makeup phenomenon. Osses has since created several popular films on the matter, revealing that this was a cosmetic maneuver with an unexpected royal twist.

“When you think about boyfriend blush…look how Henry and William have that flush that goes down,” she said, exhibiting a picture of the royal siblings when they were younger. “It looks youthful and sporty.”

While it may not be a new trend, it is trending, as the term has racked up more than 700 million views on TikTok.  

But Osses isn’t super surprised by the surge. “Boyfriend blush is a super fun and laid-back blush application that looks good on any face shape—who wouldn’t want to try it! What I love about boyfriend blush is that you don’t have to be a pro to apply it. Anyone can throw on boyfriend blush and achieve the look in seconds. It’s a great change from the ‘lifted, snatched‘ look of the recent Instagram age.”

Who Is Boyfriend Blush Good For?

Regardless of your royal reverence, Charlotte Knight, creator and CEO of Ciatè London, believes boyfriend blush will be the next spring blush trend, referring to it as the “post-workout” blush. “The increasingly popular trend is also said to be particularly flattering for those with longer, squarer faces as it complements the structure.”

Interestingly, like Osses, Knight praises it mostly for its aesthetic transformation. “It’s also a blush trend that marks a departure from the previously coveted ‘lifted-cheek look,’ focusing instead on enhancing the fullness of the cheeks for a more relaxed and approachable look.”

Lan Nguyen, a makeup artist, enjoys the style since it is light and “fun”. “When you think about boyfriend blush, imagine a day at the beach or a healthy glow after a wonderful workout—where the flush of the cheeks comes through your skin on the top and larger regions of the cheekbones. Or, when you’re blushing for someone you like, your cheeks immediately flush with color.”

How Can You Get the Boyfriend Blush Look?

Nguyen claims the trend is “quite simple” to implement because it is not molded or requires a certain positioning. “It may easily be created by developing and placing color all around the cheekbones, as well as across the nose and wider area of the face—so it suits all face shapes as the idea is to gently work product in where you naturally get flushed.”so it suits all face shapes as the idea is to gently work product in where you naturally get flushed.”

“Start at the apple of the cheek blend upwards to the hairline and downward towards the jawline,” she said. “Keep the strokes gentle and light to achieve a greater progression. Apply base on top or powder to disperse if necessary, then reapply on the peak of the cheek for added drama and color.”

Knight also suggests a simple hack: “Create a downward triangle shape on the cheeks, starting from a higher point and extending down to the bottom of the cheek,” she adds. “This approach simulates the slight flush that happens after physical exertion, giving the complexion a new, youthful shine. Begin with a little amount of product and gradually increase to attain the desired intensity, as it’s easier to add more color than to remove excess pigment.”

What Products and Shades Work Best for Boyfriend Blush?

The good news is that you can simply achieve the boyfriend blush effect using blushes that you already own. “To start, opt for a cream or liquid blush formula that seamlessly melts into the skin, ensuring a natural finish,” Knight said. “Begin by selecting a hue that nearly matches your natural blushing tone, since this will result in a more seamless and harmonious appearance. Consider applying the blush with your fingertips rather of a brush for a smoother, more natural effect. The warmth of your hands allows the product to blend seamlessly onto the face, resulting in a more delicate and diffused finish, ideal for this boyfriend blush effect.”

Regarding product recommendations, Knight suggests that her Ciatè Dewy Blush ($22) is an excellent choice for getting the boyfriend blush effect. “This flowing, liquid blush not only gives off a bright glow, but it also has pigmented color payoff, making the complexion appear radiant and multifaceted. Its lightweight formula blends in with the skin, giving it a dewy and youthful appearance.”


Nguyen also recommends using a textured blush. “A more liquid-based blush will give you a gorgeous transparent finish—ICONIC London Sheer Blush ($22) is my favorite—and can be easily blended into the skin by layering on the color with a large brush. Using another tone or adding darker tones for density creates a V shape; I recommend the ICONIC London Multi-Use Cream Palette ($49). “It has all the shades you require.”

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