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NoorStars’ Podcast: Everything You Need to Know

Second Season of the Stars Podcast is here! Read more

First, a bit about Noor Naim

Since launching her highly popular YouTube channel in 2014, Noor Naim, or more popularly known as Noor Stars, has become of formidable presence in the world of social media. Being the first in the region to hit 10 million followers and with over 20.4 million subscribers today, Noor is an influencer we should keep an eye out for.

Her audience, primarily composed of bright young women from the region, have followed her journey over the years. The Iraqi-Emirati social media sensation has demonstrated her entrepreneurial spirit by collaborating with a wide array of fashion, beauty, and lifestyle brands that she loves.

The Noor Stars podcast

In early 2023, Noor expanded her social media presence by launching her very own audio show, “Stars Podcast”. This new venture has already attracted over 336K subscribers on her YouTube channel, marking a milestone in her ever-evolving career. You can listen to it here.

The podcast discusses an array of topics making it trendy and relatable with guests from different sectors making appearances on the podcast. Recently, the influencer welcomed YouTuber influencer couple Ghaith and Sara onto the show and asked questions related to their marriage.

The podcast also welcomed infamous guests Huda and Mona Kattan creating an unmissable episode!

When asked about the inspiration behind her Stars Podcast, Noor explained, “I wanted to see a podcast like this in the Middle East, and although we have a few podcasts, I never saw something similar to this. I saw an opportunity, and I said to myself, ‘If I don’t see it and if it’s not there, let me be the one to bring it to the Middle East.'”

The influencer also shared that she is “experimenting more with music and the podcast is a very big project for me. Honestly, I’m focusing more on enjoying the journey. I feel like in the past, I was very rushed, but now I feel like I’m enjoying the moments more. Like, I’m here fully enjoying this conversation.”

Future steps

Noor has recently launched the second season of her podcast, available on YouTube!

Beyond her YouTube success, Noor Naim’s influence extends to various aspects. She has successfully launched product lines in beauty and fashion, often featuring her own brand collaborations that resonate with her audience. The influencer has also been cast as part of the new Netflix show “Super Rich in Korea.”


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