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Music Influencer Saint Levant Drops Latest Album “Deira” in 2024

All about Saint Levant’s newest debut

“Deira” by Saint Levant

Did someone say new music?? Artist, musician and influencer Saint Levant has unveiled his debut album, “Deira,” an eight-track masterpiece that weaves Middle Eastern and contemporary musical influences. The album’s title is a homage to the Al Deira Hotel, which was once managed by Levant’s father. The choice of name together with the blend of Middle Eastern tunes embodies a deep connection to his heritage and personal history.

The album is streamable on Spotify, YouTube & Anghami.

“Deira” is a rich album featuring collaborations with notable artists such as Kehlani, TIF, MC Abdul, and Cheb Bilal. It skillfully incorporates Algerian rai, Palestinian folk music, and modern pop, creating a vibrant soundscape that resonates with diverse audiences. Each track is a testament to Levant’s versatility, showcasing his multilingual rapping in English, French, and Arabic, which offers a unique and immersive listening experience.


Saint Levant describes the album as a reflective journey through his identity, exploring themes of love, displacement, and cultural resilience. His introspective lyrics, combined with a fusion of Eastern and Western musical elements, mark “Deira” as a significant contribution to both Arabic and global music scenes.


About Saint Levant

Saint Levant, born Marwan Abdelhamid, is a Middle Eastern rising star in the global music scene, renowned for his ability to blend diverse cultural influences into a unique and compelling sound. Of Palestinian, French, and Algerian descent, Levant’s rich heritage profoundly shapes his music, which is a harmonious fusion of Middle Eastern and contemporary elements.

Universal Arabic Music

Recently, Saint Levant signed with Universal Arabic Music, a label founded by Wassim “Sal” Slaiby, known for managing the Weeknd and serving as the CEO of XO. This partnership underscores the growing recognition of Levant’s talent and the broader appeal of his innovative musical approach.


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