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Tina Yamout Draws Inspiration from Sabah and Abdel Halim in her Latest Song “Oyoun Al Soud”

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Did Someone Say New Music?

Lebanese singer-songwriter, Tina Yamout has released her new song titled “Oyoun Al Soud,” a first-of-its-kind track in the Arab World. The song is derived from a mashup that samples the two popular Arab songs “Jeeb El Mejwez” by the late Sabah and “Gana El Hawa” by the late Abdel Halim Hafez. Adding her own lyrics and melody to the mix, Tina merges these works to create a new song with a lively, rhythmic mix and arrangement by Rayan Bailouni, presenting a new musical experience to add to her repertoire.

Music Video

“Oyoun Al Soud” was released on all digital streaming platforms alongside an electric music video on her official YouTube channel.

Directed by Lebanese director, Elie Fahed, the music video is set amidst the scenic Lebanese mountains in tribute to Arab culture of music and oriental dance, honoring Sabah’s style and eternal elegance, as well as Abdel Halim’s authentic and timeless music.

Tina is seen performing dramatically standing on high mountainous landscapes, and diving underwater, symbolizing the freedom that comes from letting go of life’s obstacles and enjoying a carefree dance to a modern track with classical oriental influences.

Tina appears in various looks styled by Rim Choucair, wearing a pearl necklace designed by Saiid Kobeisy, a red two-piece set by Elie Baroud, and a light blue two-piece outfit with a pearl and pink stone necklace by Ahmad Abdullatif. As in all her previous works, Tina showcases her dance skills as she features traditional oriental dance in “Oyoun Al Soud”, with a contemporary touch choreographed by Aya Sharaf.


Tina states: “I loved sharing this new musical experience with the world, especially by honoring two visionary musical giants in our culture, Sabah and Abdel Halim Hafez, who were known for their pioneering in oriental music with Western influences.”

She added: “I am happy that both older and younger generations will listen and relate to the song as it puts a different twist on the familiar. I hope it accompanies them in their joint happy occasions and encourages them to worry less and enjoy life a little more.

Where to Stream the Single

The song is now available for streaming on Apple Music, Deezer and Anghami.

You may also listen to the track on YouTube Music and Spotify!

More About Tina Yamout

It is worth mentioning that Tina Yamout is a versatile artist, singer-songwriter, composer and producer of her own music in addition to taking on acting roles occasionally. She continuously evolves in innovative and creative ways. Through her music, Tina seeks to highlight themes of self-discovery and love.

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