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10 Home Decor Tips from Influencers for a Happier House

Transition your house into a beautiful home – Check our DIY Influencer guide for more tips

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Are you looking forward to turning your house into a picture-perfect paradise? Feeling the need for a quick redo of your lovely home or restaging of certain things or buying some new furniture or a big lamp to bring the light that was missing to your life? Whether it is for some guests arriving at your door or for yourself, bringing some life to the place you spend most of your time isn’t a bad idea.

If that is right, then you are only 10 steps away from having a cozy and happier home. Check these DIY tips on Instagram from interior designers, influencers, and content creators to help to add a personality to your house, because we all know our house is the place where magic begins.

You can restage the old stuff in new ways

Take some old furniture and play with the space around. Change the way your house looks simply by removing a few things and adding some new ones to give it a lively vibe. Check how the light is playing its part, and where is the window placed, and just do little changes and you will feel the difference.

Check how this influencer shares tips on reorganizing an old lamp in multiple interesting ways.

Put your house to bed

It feels good to wake up to a clean house, but we would rather sleep and do the clean-up the next day. Do it as you like but cleaning the house is as important as working for a living because your house is the starting place for hope, imagination, and dreams.

Catherine Benson is a video content creator, who keeps sharing videos of her cleaning the house, her laundry, and her organizers. Catherine’s organized house definitely sets high standards and creates an immediate urge in anyone who sees her videos to clean the house.

Organize the place that serves you food

The kitchen is the place where most of you spend your time, for those who really enjoy cooking it’s like the kitchen is the heart of their home. So, what to do differently to keep your heart happy and healthy?

Try keeping it organized, bundle the products, and create stations in your kitchen. Keep stuff in containers with lids to reduce visual noise and make it easy for you to use. Elevate your kitchen to remain inspired while cooking.

Make your house smell good

Have you heard the saying ‘What smells good, sells good”?

The quick tip is to make sure your house always smells fresh, and flowery. Making your smell pleasant will make you spend more time in it and stay inspired because fragrance has the power to transport you to another world.

But the question is how to make your house smell nice. And the answer is very simple. Here are some DIY tips and hacks shared by an Indian Influencer on how to bring an aroma and positive vibe to your home.

Setting lunch or dinner table tips

Sometimes we can do all the prep, make our house smell good, and make lunch or dinner for the guests but what skips our mind is setting a perfect lunch or dinner table. We tend to forget to show some creativity in that area and end up setting a boring table with no fun.

Check this Influencer next time before setting a boring table. She has some best hacks on her sleeves to make your guests wonder in surprise.

Organizing your kids’ room is important too

Having a boring room for kids could be disastrous, and organizing their room could be challenging. How to be in the middle of a messy room and not clean it up? But when it’s about children, nothing really remains organized. They come like a storm that messes everything around and nothing remains at its true place. How to fix this?

Check our influencer Anita Birges’ tips to organize kids room and let them learn how to do that too.

Redecorate with plants and lots of pictures

If you have pictures or collages on those big walls, then it would be easy to change the vibe of your house by keep changing the pictures. The new moments and memories always go on the wall and bring a smile to the face of your loved ones.

You can experiment with hanging shelves or plants to add some greens to your lovely wall. The idea inspired by our influencer Neetu Jakhar who keeps posting such tips on her Instagram.

Styling your bookshelf

If you are a book lover and have plenty of books lying around, then bringing a bookshelf or book corner could be a major step to changing the vibe of your house. There can always be a cozy corner where you can find all your favorite books, grab a cup of coffee, dim the lights, and sit back to relax.

Check tips from Devika on how to style your bookshelf.

Bring those candles and flowers to your living room

The idea is of staging your living room with candles, flowers, and throw blankets, with light lively colors, and make sure your carpets and rugs are color coordinated too. If the kitchen is the heart of your house, the living room is its soul.

Bring new paintings or souvenirs that you bought on the last trip, and create a corner in your living room from such things, the idea is to have some conversation initiators in front of your eyes as a symbol of class or collections from your memorable trips.

Use the Small Spaces

Some of us like utilizing small spaces to the best, whether it’s a shoe organizer at the entry gate of your apartment or your wardrobe corner in your room. We like how Hayley organizes her small spaces like Music Corner, shoe stands, etc. They are so vibrant and lively bringing all the needed light to her house.

Small Spaces don’t have to boring, we agree too.

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