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5 YouTube Trends You Need To Know About Right Now

Expand your reach on YouTube with these latest trends.


With more than 2 billion engaged users on YouTube, content creators on the platform need to keep up-to-date with the hottest trends, in order to keep things interesting for viewers.

Just like in any other industry or field, trends come and go.

However, YouTube was one of the first social media channels to enable regular users to post and share videos for free. This shifted everything.

The platform allowed users to share just about anything, from tutorials, to lifestyle vlogs and entertainment.

As it has expanded its potential and reach over the years, becoming successful on the platform has become highly competitive.

Detailed below are 5 of the biggest YouTube trends to inform yourself about and try out!

Audience choses content trend – as seen on Nikkie Tutorials’ channel here

#1 YouTube Shorts

It has been evident that our feeds have been taken over by dance challenges and entertaining short-form videos.

Shorts are an increasingly trending feature of the platform that allow you to publish short, engaging and informative videos to your targeted audience.

According to statistics, Shorts receive way over 3.5 billion daily views!

#2 Guides

How-to videos and tutorials have been a trend that doesn’t go out of fashion on the video sharing platform.

They play a vital role in driving traffic and increasing engagement and we have the Pandemic to thank for this trend.

During lockdowns, many took to learn new hobbies, try out exciting new recipes and without having access to going outside, a lot of people took to sites like YouTube to do so.

#3 Gaming

Gaming is a widely popular trend that multiple viewers tune into on a daily basis.

Whether it’s to learn the latest tips and tricks or to watch how other people experience certain challenges within a game, the content possibilities are endless within this industry.

Content creators can grow today through gaming, via creating their own challenges or new methods of playability, which in turn increases engagement with users.

An example being through the modding community, in the game Dark Souls for instance, where there is a mod that randomly switches the characters’ weapon every 5 seconds.

#4 Audience picks for the day

Another circulating trend is audience-chosen content.

Videos like “24 Hours Eating What Our Subscribers Have Chosen” or “Subscribers Control Our Lives For A Day” do really well because they acknowledge the presence of your audience.

They are a great way to create innovative, engaging ideas for new content.

Additionally, reaching out to your viewers through the comments section to recieve direct feedback on what video to produce next is another fantastic trend that falls under this umbrella.


ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) is the proper term for the sensations that people encounter when individuals watch something designed to stimulate.

Millions of people watch ASMR across the world, whether it’s through certain sound triggers that are meant to relax you or food ASMR, the weird but fascinating phenomenon has got over 5 million videos on YouTube.

For example, YouTuber Zack Choi ASMR gets millions of views on his food ASMR mukbang, as seen below.

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